Ring of Honor: The Kingdom are coming for what is theirs

Ring of Honor, Matt Taven Credit: Ring of Honor
Ring of Honor, Matt Taven Credit: Ring of Honor /

The Kingdom (AKA OGK) has been synonymous with ROH for years. They had a handful of matches in AEW, but ROH is where they belong. Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Maria Kanellis-Bennett want you to know that ROH belongs to them.

When the current era of ROH began, they sought to be the premiere tag team in the promotion. Taven and Bennett got into a feud with Top Flight but still had their eyes on the vacant tag team titles. Both teams were in the Reach for the Sky ladder match at Supercard of Honor. They were determined to honor their friend, the late Jay Briscoe. Unfortunately for them, their dreams were dashed when the Lucha Brothers won.

After their loss, they continued their feud with one-half of Top Flight. Dante Martin was injured during the ladder match and needed surgery. Action Andretti is currently filing in to assist Darius Martin against the OGK.

On Thursday’s episode, Bennett talked about ROH being built on respect and honor. “This is about family. This is about the place we built. And I am so sick and tired of watching these little kids like Top Flight and Action Andretti showing up and using our company as a stepstone. And every chance they get, they steal our  moment.”

Taven said when it came time to “show respect to our friend, you took that from us. It was our time to look up and reach for the sky and give ours to Jay Briscoe and take back what’s rightfully ours and every single team in that match took that from me. I will never get that back. I will never get that moment back.”

Maria spoke about the respect that Briscoe had shown her. “When you take moments away from The Kingdom when you take moments away from me, those are things I will never forget,” Taven vows that they will get revenge on every team that was in the ladder match.

Maria wants the locker room to respect and honor them and everything they’ve done for the company. “The Kingdom means something to us. When we built The Kingdom, nobody respected us. There was no honor for The Kingdom. But we built brick by brick what we are today.”

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“When people talk about Ring of Honor, what they’re really talking about is something we built. And no matter who faces us here in the new age of Ring of Honor, we’re going to teach them what Ring of Honor means. If they don’t give us the honor we deserve, we’re going to take it.”

The Kingdom has put Top Flight, Aussie Open, RUSH and Dralistico, and the Lucha Bros. on notice. They’re coming for the tag team titles and the respect and honor that comes along with it and won’t stop until everyone puts respect on them.