Tiffany Stratton must win the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament


WWE NXT will hold a tournament to decide the new NXT Women’s Champion. Tiffany Stratton must win the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament.

After being drafted to Monday Night Raw during the WWE Draft, Indi Hartwell addressed the WWE Universe live on WWE NXT on Tuesday, relinquished the NXT Women’s Title, and announced that there will be a tournament to decide the new champion. The finals will take place at NXT Battleground on May 28 in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Who will be crowned the new NXT Women’s Champion? There is only one logical answer to that question. Tiffany Stratton must win the title at NXT Battleground. In the past five months, the title has changed hands three times now. Mandy Rose lost the title to Roxanne Perez back in December, Hartwell won the title in the six-woman ladder match at Stand & Deliver, and now we will see a new champion in a few weeks.

Why should Stratton be crowned the new NXT Women’s Champion?

Recently, WWE has made it known that they want to “update their history books” with longer title reigns. With longer championship reigns, it brings more prestige both to the belt and the brand.

For the past few months, the NXT women’s belt has been playing a game of hot potato. They gave the belt to Perez, who was hot at the moment when everything went down with Rose. It didn’t work. As great of a babyface as she is, she wasn’t ready quite yet.

Who is ready? Stratton has everything you want to be the face of the brand moving forward. She is superior on the mic than any other woman on NXT, and she arguably has the best finisher as well (only Sol Ruca rivals this debate).

After the WWE Draft shakeup, Stratton is now the top heel of the entire brand. She would be a great compliment as NXT Women’s Champion alongside NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes, who is the top babyface on the brand at the moment.

If Stratton becomes champion, she needs to hold the belt for quite a while. In fact, she should only lose the belt if she is prepared to switch to Raw or SmackDown. This is the chapter that Stratton needs to finish her story in NXT. She has put in the work and embraces growing her character on the brand.

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It is her time. She knows it, and the WWE Universe knows it.