Three big matches for SmackDown post WWE Draft


The WWE Draft is done and complete. The new rosters go into effect on the May 8 edition of Monday Night Raw. While fans may complain about the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament and it includes wrestlers from SmackDown, that is another conversation. This will look at three big matches for SmackDown that fans should look forward to seeing.

Bianca Belair versus Charlotte Flair

Bianca Belair is one victory away from having defeated all the members of the Four Horsewomen. Standing across from her could be considered the “final boss” of the group in Charlotte Flair. Flair versus Belair has the makings of a long-term feud that could culminate in another WrestleMania main event for the two ladies. With both performers on SmackDown, we know it’s just a matter of time before this match is set in stone. If WWE gives these ladies the right build and time to develop into a real angle, this is one that could help define Belair’s run in the promotion, while running from SummerSlam through WrestleMania in 2024.

AJ Styles versus Roman Reigns

The last time Roman Reigns and AJ Styles faced off in a singles match on WWE television was back in 2016 when Reigns defeated Styles at Extreme Rules. Times have changed as both men are in different positions nearly seven years later.

Styles versus Reigns has all the makings of a big-time feud on SmackDown. It would be interesting to see how the OC pairs off with The Bloodline, especially as the latter has issues within its own group. Styles is in a similar position as Seth Rollins, where he’s an individual that remains over with fans, is one of the best performers in the business, but hasn’t had the opportunity to be the top player – even with multiple title runs. It’s hard to see Styles get the big win over this iteration of Reigns, but it would still be an excellent match.

IYO Sky versus Asuka

IYO Sky versus Asuka is a match that fans want to see. These two ladies have years of history together and are recognized as two of the best women’s performers in the business. Giving them the opportunity to build a long angle outside of the title picture is another big match that fans would want to see. When all is said and done, not only would IYO Sky versus Asuka be some of the best work of their careers, but it would be the best work in the WWE Women’s Division that year.

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