Ultra Pro Wrestling is a new challenger in pro wrestling video games

Ultra Pro Wrestling is on Kickstarter and it has some promises only a Nintendo 64 fan would drool over. I have gushed over MDickie’s Wrestling Empire and praised Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 over their innovative take on wrestling video games.  Is Ultra Pro Wrestling next in line?

Finish this sentence. Ultra Pro Wrestling is really hoping to bring the gamer back to the glory days when they were playing games like [fill in the blank]. If you said WCW Backstage Assault you are incredibly wrong. If you said WCW/NWO Revenge and No Mercy then you win the prize. Ultra Pro Wrestling promises that it will use the control scheme and gameplay mechanics that are similar to AKI’s famous wrestling contenders on N64.

From the clean but toned-down graphical look to the use of multiple fictional wrestling leagues, Ultra Pro Wrestling is trying to be the spiritual predecessor of WCW/NWO Revenge and Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. Hyperfocus Games is developing this love letter and their hope is that you put their game on the same shelf as your N64 cartridges.

Right now, the game is in Kickstarter purgatory. Screenshots and videos are in the early stages. The trailer shows some fictional federations with wrestlers that will loosely resemble famous faces. I am guessing that the Empire Wrestling Federation will have more American wrestlers, while Lucha Libre Loco and Ultra Japan Pro Wrestling will feature look-alikes from their countries. Players will be encouraged to make their own wrestlers, music, and textures. The developers are even posting a raffle where the higher contributors will get a wrestler in their likeness.

Sam Vallely, the developer behind Hyperfocus Games, has boasted of completing over 300 animations, move edits, match types, and weapons, and the CAW mode has already been developed. Additional funding is needed to make referee mechanics, a career mode, textures, music, and backstage areas. According to him, this will be a giant sandbox wrestling game limited to your own imagination.

One thing that the developers are trying to bring back is the need to perform every mode with a button press. In WWE 2K23 your player performs multiple combos and moonsaults with a single button. In Ultra Pro Wrestling the player is responsible for performing each move and setting it up.

The funding has been capped at 61,801 British pounds. Contributors will get the game on Steam, Switch, PS4/5, and Xbox One/S/X. Some of the contributors with deeper pockets will get their game in a cool Nintendo 64 cartridge box.

The release date is scheduled for 2024. Before or after AEW Fight Forever?