NXT Women’s Title Tourney: Cases for and against the Final Four

Roxanne Perez, WWE/NXT
Roxanne Perez, WWE/NXT /
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Roxanne Perez

Case For: Based on overall talent, no one in this tournament has a better argument for winning than Roxanne Perez. The 21-year-old has lived up to her “Prodigy” nickname, standing out as the most polished full-time worker in NXT’s women’s division. Her workrate combined with her upbeat charisma and believable positivity on the microphone makes her the ideal lead babyface, which is why she occupies that role on the brand.

That Shawn Michaels and company concocted an injury angle to get the women’s title off of her shows their commitment to her at the top of the card. Now that Hartwell’s gold watch title reign is out of the way, we could see the belt right back around Perez’s waist.

Case Against: If WWE wanted Perez to be the champion, it would’ve put it on her when she, Hartwell, and Stratton wrestled for it a few weeks ago. Of course, that’s a silly reason to keep the belt away from her if she’s the best person to hold it, but WWE may elect to have her chase a heel for a while before she wins it back.

The winner of Perez vs. Stratton will likely win the tournament. The NXT creative team has slowly built that pairing up as the signature rivalry of the division, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see that feud dominate the next few months of television. In order to get to that, though, Perez will have to fall short in the tournament.