NXT Women’s Title Tourney: Cases for and against the Final Four

Roxanne Perez, WWE/NXT
Roxanne Perez, WWE/NXT /
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Lyra Valkyria

Case For: Despite receiving a weird bird gimmick, Lyra Valkyria has stabilized the division with her in-ring work since coming over from NXT UK. The former Aoife Valkyrie has settled into an upper midcard position, feuding with a lot of the distaff ranks’ greener talent to help them progress. At 26 years old, though, she has far more to offer the company besides shepherding inexperienced prospects to watchable TV matches.

This tournament should give fans a better idea of how WWE perceives Valkyria. Is she a potential to-of-the-card star or is she nothing more than a “good hand” that serves as a litmus test for the wrestlers WWE wants to push? There’s nothing wrong with either role, but Valkyria has done enough to at least garner consideration for the former.

Case Against: As far as NXT gimmicks go, having Valkyria wear feathers and deliver some bird puns is far from the worst thing on that show, but it still could make WWE think twice about strapping her up. In fact, she’s probably the least likely to win the title of the Final Four.

The way WWE has set up this tournament, it certainly feels like the company plans on having the winner of Valkyria/Cora Jade do the job at Battleground, and unless WWE plans to revisit the Perez/Jade feud, that duty has Valkyria’s name written on it.