NXT Women’s Title Tourney: Cases for and against the Final Four

Roxanne Perez, WWE/NXT
Roxanne Perez, WWE/NXT /
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Cora Jade

Case For: As we’ve seen plenty of times before, WWE likes to push young wrestlers before they’re ready in hopes of the experience unlocking their potential. The company has somewhat done this with Cora Jade. When WWE rebranded NXT a couple of years ago, Jade received an early babyface push, which lasted until Roxanne Perez’s debut rendered her role redundant. Even with a heel turn, her spot on the card hasn’t changed much.

Based on how WWE has presented her, the promotion sees something in the 22-year-old. It wouldn’t shock anyone if WWE put the title on her in an attempt to use the belt to get her over (a.k.a what they tried with Jinder Mahal and what they’re currently doing with Austin Theory).

Case Against: Jade hasn’t shown nearly enough in the ring nor on the mic to warrant a title reign. At this point in her young career, she’s a midcarder, and that’s perfectly fine. Despite WWE’s hope that this new direction for NXT will churn out WrestleMania main eventer after WrestleMania main eventer, you need to have a reliable middle class that can put those stars over.

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The issues arise when a promotion tries to push someone who isn’t ready for a bigger role. Yes, it could coax out some good work from the wrestler, but you also risk hindering the progression that could’ve come from taking a more measured approach.