NJPW Resurgence Top 3 Moments


The city of Long Beach was treated to quality programming when New Japan Pro Wrestling invaded the Walter Pyramid. NJPW Resurgence had everything, from storytelling, surprises, violence, and history as well.

Here are the best moments from NJPW Resurgence

The atmosphere was electric the entire night, as many knew they were witnessing history for the NJPW brand. Every match delivered something unique,\ leaving the audience captivated. However, there can only be three top moments when recapping this remarkable event.


The STRONG Openweight title rematch was a true contrast of styles and size, featuring KENTA and the former champion Hikuleo. This matchup spilled all over the venue and even entered the stands, which produced the most prominent spot of the night. KENTA got the upper hand on Hikuleo and toss the 6-foot-8 super heavyweight over the railing and onto a stiff table.

This allowed KENTA to beat the 20-second count and regain the STRONG Openweight championship. During the post-match, KENTA was greeted with a message from a possible next challenger in Eddie Kingston. In true KENTA fashion, he told the audience he didn’t understand the “New Jersey” accent and is open to fighting anyone anywhere and anytime.

A Storm came through

Quite possibly the biggest surprise of the evening was Toni Storm making her NJPW debut. Storm inserted herself in the street fight between her husband, Juice Robinson, and Fred Rosser. During the build-up to this street fight, Rosser repeatedly brought up Robinson’s wife and even offered to buy her a chair to sit ringside.

It was no certainty that Storm would be present until she burst on the scene and attacked Rosser. The two-on-one assault ultimately led to a victory for Robinson after a match filled with beautiful violence. This street fight was a dark horse for the match of the night and the surprise of Storm added a nice element. Storm’s hip attack into the stop sign and sitting on Robinson’s back as he pinned Rosse was chef’s kiss.

And New

NJPW Resurgence was built around the crowning of the first STRONG Women’s champion, and the audience was loud for every minute of the tournament. The women showed out on Sunday in a big way for a moment that will be etched into the history books.

Before the finals between Mercedes Mone and Willow Nightingale began, the crowd erupted for what seemed like an eternity. Mone and Nightingale soaked in the cheers and played to the crowd because history was being made.

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Traditionally, NJPW has been predominantly male. Now, the company has two women’s titles, and two Black women were the main event of a NJPW show. Even though the match may have ended abruptly due to an injury to Mercedes Mone, a new era of women’s wrestling was born, an inaugural champion was crowned, and the audience in Long Beach got to be a special part of history. Congratulations to the first-ever NJPW STRONG Women’s champion, Willow Nightingale.