Impact Wrestling: Why Trey Miguel Must Defeat Chris Sabin


Trey Miguel has been on top of the X-Division scene for quite some time. There is an argument to be made he is the greatest X-Division Champion. To test that statement, eight-time champion Chris Sabin has done his homework.

The X-Division is synonymous with Impact Wrestling. Some of the greatest wrestlers to ever work for the company held the X-Division Championship like “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle to name very few of the long list of talented names. Since becoming the X-Division Champion, we have seen the best work of Trey Miguel’s career. Between his two reigns as champion, he has become the third-longest champion in the company’s history. Pushing towards 200-plus days in his current reign, he has his biggest challenge to date.

As much as the X-Division is synonymous with the company, it is as just as synonymous with Chris Sabin. He stands on his own pillar in the X-Division. He has won the championship for a record eight times for a record 432 days combined. It is fair to say that Sabin would be the picture next to the definition of the X-Division. Sabin looks to break his own record at Under Siege when he challenges Trey Miguel. With the resume that Sabin has created, it is hard to bet against Sabin in this division.

Throughout the years, Sabin has faced the very best that has entered through Impact Wrestling. He has been to the top of the company as a former Impact World Champion, a feat that is surely on the mind of Miguel for his own future. He will have the opportunity to show the entire wrestling world that he is prepared to take the next step in this match. Chris Sabin has earned his legend in Impact Wrestling and stands as one of the only TNA originals left. It is hard to find a fan of the company that has any bad things to say about Sabin.

At this point in Sabin’s career, it is a big deal to pick up a victory over the Impact Triple Crown Champion. That is why it is absolutely crucial for Trey Miguel to defeat him and retain his championship at Under Seige. While the two have fought one-on-one in the independents once, this will be the first time the two faced in a singles match in Impact. They are both at the top of their games. Since turning heel late last year, Miguel has been solid gold. On the other hand, Sabin has been just as hot teaming with his partner, Alex Shelley.

While it is always great to see the Motor City Machine Guns, it’s just as great to see Sabin and Shelley in their solo careers. Sabin will no doubt have a stellar match against Miguel. The two could easily steal the show at Under Seige and nobody would be against it. We are no doubt going to see an instant classic but when the three count is made, Trey Miguel must retain his championship. A clean or dirty win will do numbers for Miguel moving forward, but a clean win would be huge.

Knowing that the holder of the X-Division Championship always has “Option C” to potentially cash in and challenge for the Impact World Championship, defeating Sabin cleanly will prove without a shadow of a doubt that he is ready to break out and become a main eventer. A star the caliber of Chris Sabin would verify Trey Miguel’s name. As for Sabin taking the loss, there is nothing that it could take from his legendary career. He will remind the Impact Wrestling fans that he can steal the show with or without Alex Shelley.

The story between Chris Sabin and Trey Miguel is one that the company can gain from. Trey Miguel was inspired by seeing the Motor City Machine Guns perform and realized that he could break into this business. He claims them as part of the reason he became an Impact Wrestling fan. Years later, he would be even more inspired by the guns. When Miguel was at a low point, Alex Shelley was a mentor to Miguel and guided him through the shared anxiety that Shelley had once endured.

Something that Miguel could use to possibly get into Sabin’s mind if needed. Now that he has made his own name in the business, it is poetic for Trey to have his biggest match to date against Sabin. It is a beautiful moment in the story of Miguel’s career. That is why Trey Miguel must defeat Chris Sabin. It is time for him to cement his own legacy in Impact and there is no better to do so than beating Sabin. Perhaps next, we can see the student versus teacher with Shelley.

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