Potential challengers to the House of Black and their trios titles


The AEW Trios division needs depth and these are three teams that could find themselves standing across from House of Black. 

With AEW introducing the trio titles back in July of 2022 there have already been some incredible feuds involving The Elite, Death Triangle, and the current champions, The House of Black.

Now, bear with me, we must go a little into fantasy booking territory for this one. There are some trios teams that are already formed in AEW, but I am going to put a few people together based on their in-ring work and character arcs. This will also include former partners finding their way back together. Don’t worry, I am not going to throw names in a hat and pull them out, nor am I going to take people that are feuding right now and throw them together. I want to make it make sense!

Los Ingobernables de Japon – Andrade El Idolo, Bandido, RUSH

Obviously, step one would be AEW getting Andrade back on TV. There were rumors swirling that he would be back now that they have the AEW Collison show to fill, but nothing seems to be set in stone at this time.

Pairing him up with his stablemate RUSH is a given. Those two work together extremely well and it would be silly to separate them when/if Andrade makes his return. The second step would be bringing Bandido into the stable. No offense to Preston Vance, but having him in the group simply doesn’t seem to be working. He could obviously stay with LIG but Bandido seems like an obvious fit for the stable and the thought of him teaming with Andrade and RUSH feels right to me.

Bullet Club GOLD (Jay White, Roderick Strong, Adam Cole)

Like the previous stable, you would need to move one of the current members to the sidelines in order to make this idea work. Adam Cole and Jay White have a great connection, as shown when White made his AEW debut back in February of 2022. Cole spent weeks trying to get the Young Bucks to trust White so that he could join The Elite but I feel this group needs to be stacked with heels to get the biggest reaction from the live crowds.

Combining the two former Undisputed Era members with the Bullet Club Gold seems like an obvious choice to me. I would prefer Kyle O’Reilly over Strong (no offense Roddy) but there seems to still be a question on when he will be cleared to wrestle again so these three could team up now and be a serious challenger to any belt in the company.

Pretty Boy Killers -Keith Lee, Shane Taylor, Willie Mack (would love for it to be Swerve Strickland but, well, you know)  

Personally, I have no idea what AEW is doing with Keith Lee. They seem to be stuck in a rut with him, and it is baffling. The guy can literally do everything that a professional wrestler needs to do in 2023, but he seems to be stuck in neutral.

Pairing him up with his former PBK partner, Shane Taylor could at least give him a direction that makes sense. Adding Willie Mack into the group would be good for all three guys as he would bring a different element to the team and, honestly, he deserves to be in a position to have a spotlight shined on him. He’s fantastic and would be an excellent fit for the stable. Let’s not forget that Willie was an excellent trio’s champion in Lucha Underground with Killshot (Swerve Strickland) and Dante Fox (AR Fox) so he has plenty of experience in that division.

United Empire –Will Ospreay, Mark Davis, Kyle Fletcher, Jeff Cobb, Great O-Khan

Not only have all these gentlemen made appearances on AEW television, but I’ve managed to convince myself that this is who is behind Don Callis’ turn on Kenny Omega. Callis has always been open on tv about his admiration for Ospreay and feels that he is the next Omega. It just makes sense to have Callis bring the United Empire into AEW to take over the company. Currently, Ospreay and Davis are dealing with injuries so subbing in stable members Jeff Cobb and the Great O-Khan to represent the group until those two recover.

Personally, I would also attempt to reform the old TNA trio team that included Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz (LAX). I would also bring back the Killer Elite Squad name and pair Big Bill and Powerhouse Hobbs together with original member, Lance Archer. It would be excellent if they could be in Harry Smith Jr as well, but based on the people that are currently on the roster I think those three could do some serious damage in the Trio division. Last, but not least, give me a stable of guys that you think could really stretch their opponents if necessary. People like Samoa Joe, Daniel Garcia, Josh Woods, Shibata, Miro, and Ethan Page could fit perfectly together, in my opinion.

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