Night of Champions did a lot to advance the WWE main roster women’s division


A lot was accomplished at Night of Champions to advance the WWE main roster women’s division.

For quite some time, WWE has been needing to resurrect the main roster women’s division. In the past year, NXT highlighted the women’s division better than any other brand. And it wasn’t even close.

With some names being called up from NXT, and superstars switching brands due to the Draft, it was crucial to continue that momentum and execute on taking the women’s division to the next level on the main roster.

How did WWE use Night of Champions to elevate the women’s division?

Going into Night of Champions, Bianca Belair carried in a 419-day record-breaking WWE Raw Women’s Championship run with her. It was ended at the hands of Asuka. From the start, fans were strongly behind her to defeat Belair. This occurrence elevates both Belair and Asuka. Belair holds the record for the longest reign, and Asuka becomes the superstar to end it on top of all of her other accolades. It will be exciting to see how WWE Creative decides to further develop Belair’s character.

It’s been said before, but WWE has a problem with Belair and her current character. It reminds me of John Cena. The fans got bored of his character and before you knew it, “Let’s go Cena” chants quickly turned into “Cena sucks.” WWE doesn’t want to make that same mistake again. I believe we will see a shake-up with Belair’s character. If they decide not to, then WWE has the opportunity to make this a memorable heel run for Asuka. Those are two great options that WWE has now following NOC.

Rhea Ripley become the head of the women’s division

I don’t who I feel worse for. Natalya for being beaten in one minute and nine seconds by WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley, or the fact that Ripley traveled across the country for a minute of work. Either way, you look at it — it was awesome to watch. Ripley’s charisma continues to skyrocket as she has not lost a singles match since May of last year to Liv Morgan.

Like it or not, Ripley is the face of the women’s division. Nobody is on her level. It’s now on WWE’s shoulders to supply her with competitive challengers, while simultaneously pushing Ripley’s character even more.

Trish Stratus shows why she is the G.O.A.T

A lot of people weren’t a fan of this match. I thought the storytelling for this match was the best of the three women’s matches at NOC. In my opinion, this was the match that elevated the main roster’s women’s division the most.

Even through the piped-in boos during her promos, Stratus is still having a great run as a heel. The match had its couple of hiccups just like any other match, but overall  Stratus played her heel role quite well. But, the match took an unprecedented turn when recent NXT call-up Zoey Stark attacked Lynch ringside, allowing Stratus to hit Stratusfaction for the victory.

This was the perfect way to end this match. Since the build towards the match was lacking, WWE decided to continue the storyline and pair up an up-and-coming superstar in Stark with a Hall of Famer in Stratus. Instantly, this puts Stark into the discussion with some of the top women on the brand. This also opens up all kinds of creative storytelling in the Lynch-Stratus feud. Who decides to join Lynch to help her? Does Stratus have anyone else? Could it be another faction forming? All of these different possibilities create some excitement in the women’s division that has been missing for quite a while. Having a Hall of Famer like Stratus in the mix of it will surely help as well.

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