Bianca Belair: Where does she go without the WWE Raw Women’s Championship?


Bianca Belair is one of the biggest stars on the WWE roster and the company has an opportunity to keep her hot while not immediately in the title picture. 

Bianca Belair is no longer WWE Raw Women’s Champion. She held that championship in an iron grip for 420 days, finally dropping the belt to Asuka at WWE Night of Champions. The question now turns to how WWE can continue to present Belair as a top name in the company without immediately placing her back in the title picture. This is an opportunity to continue to build Belair’s legacy in the industry while strengthening the women’s roster entirely, which benefits everyone involved.

Belair is one of the few superstars WWE has created in recent years. Fans were ready to see her become a megastar, even when she was a part of the WWE NXT roster. In just three years she emerged from NXT to become perhaps the biggest women’s star on the roster – and perhaps second to only Roman Reigns throughout the roster. Her fans are going to want to see her remain in the championship scene, but perhaps it’s time for WWE to give a few other individuals some time in the spotlight before going back to Belair. With that in mind, where do they go from here?

At times, WWE does a good job of leveraging their legends talent in a way that builds the current roster. Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch are involved in an important feud in the women’s division on Monday Night Raw. What if the company looked toward another legend to give Belair a strong non-title feud? Look no further than Beth Phoenix.

Edge is set to return to television in the coming weeks, which opens the door to a potential return for Phoenix as well. A Hall of Famer in her own right, Phoenix continues to impress every time she steps into the ring, however sparingly that is at this point. If she joins Edge for a brief return on SmackDown, imagine a heel couple of the duo making one last run, with Phoenix focusing her sights on Belair.

Bianca Belair versus Beth Phoenix is the type of feud that can carry both women heading into SummerSlam. Not only does it give them both a high-level feud for an extended period, but it also allows Asuka to turn her attention to other challengers, like Iyo Sky.

WWE doesn’t have to make any major changes to Bianca Belair and her presentation. She’s one of the biggest babyfaces in professional wrestling, and a heel turn is not the way to go. On the other side of that, there are other women on the roster that would benefit from getting some wins to build their stature. To keep Belair active in a time like this, the company should look to a legend that fans have long wanted to see. Belair versus Phoenix is the right move for their immediate futures.

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