ROH: Tony Khan names two Board of Director members


Ring of Honor gets two on-air Board of Directors during the latest episode.

ROH’s “new era” started 15 weeks ago and Tony Khan is a busy man. He’s the head booker for both AEW and ROH and “will continue to be matchmaker”.

Khan has a lot on his plate with two companies and has to juggle booking the show with everything going on backstage (and we know there’s been no shortage of drama in the last year on multiple occasions).

“There’s a lot of talent relations, administrations, operations work, and I’ve decided maybe it would be good to form a board of directors here in Ring of Honor. A group of people who can work together. I’d like to give these people carte blanche. I’ll still have the final say, but they have a lot of authority around here.”

Stokely Hathaway and Jerry Lynn are ROH’s new Board of Directors (for television purposes). Khan put over Hathway’s skills as a manager and that it’ll be helpful on the administrative side. Hathaway said he loves AEW, ROH, and Tony Khan (although he shouted Khan will “pay for his crimes” when Gothic Baby attacked him during The Firm Deletion).

Lynn is a former ROH World Champion and Khan called him a legend in ROH. While the fans were very happy with both choices, commentary was divided. Caprice Coleman loves Lynn on the board, while Nigel McGuiness has disdain for him since he once took his ROH World Championship.

Later in the show, all three men returned to address the fans. Khan said Hathaway had already given him some good cost-saving tips, although he would not be implementing mass layoffs. Hathaway suggested Action Andretti face all of The Embassy, including “Nana and Nana’s cousin.” Khan liked the idea, but suggest The Embassy vs. Andretti, AR Fox, and Darius Martin for the ROH 6 Man titles next week.

Putting Stokely Hathaway on TV is always a great idea. Hathaway is so charismatic and the fans love him. Having an authority figure is a great move, especially with Jerry Lynn to balance him out. Lynn is beloved by fans and talent alike.

With ROH moving away from Orlando and going on the road with Collision, they need authority figures to run things on TV. This is a really great move for ROH. If you’re like this fan wondering what the Board of Directors will do if Khan still has the final say, it’s noted that Hathaway is already “making crazy demands and putting together outrageous matches”. Sounds like a fun time to me.

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