Baron Corbin is the right choice for Melo to continue to build his championship run


The “Him Era” as the NXT Champion for Carmelo Hayes has already been an adequate reign. But, Baron Corbin is the right choice for Melo to continue to build his championship run.

It’s been two months since Hayes defeated Bron Breakker at NXT Stand And Deliver to become the NXT Champion.

WWE wants to continue the build with Melo as NXT Champion

Since WWE NXT relaunched to NXT 2.0 back in the fall of 2021, Hayes has become one of the top names on the brand. The WWE Universe knew his time was coming to take over the brand and elevate his career beyond just being the former two-time NXT North American Champion.

From the barber shop talks to his delivery in the ring, Hayes is becoming one of the top rising stars in the company. Over the past year, we’ve watched him improve significantly in all aspects and provide some bangers in the ring.

The toughest part about his current reign is that he has beaten everyone that is currently on the NXT roster. He is the face of the brand right now, so he needs a challenger that makes sense for both parties.

It’s been over a month since the WWE Draft took place, and while WWE still tries to figure out how to keep superstars on their respective brands, some are free agents. Being a free agent allows that superstar to appear on any show, at any time. Those wrestlers are Omos, Mustafa Ali, Dolph Ziggler, Von Wagner, Brock Lesnar, and Baron Corbin.

Ziggler already had a stint in NXT not too long ago, Mustafa Ali seems to have his sights on the NXT North American Championship, and beating either Omos or Wagner doesn’t elevate Hayes at all. When it comes to Lesnar and Corbin, though, that creates interesting opportunities for Hayes. Unfortunately, Lesnar feuding with Hayes does nothing for him whether he wins or loses. Baron Corbin on the other hand needs a reset button.

At one time, Corbin was one of the top names in the company, and as he reminds us every time he gets a mic, he was the last to pin Roman Reigns. With Corbin crashing NXT and Hayes crashing SmackDown last Friday, this feud is getting some much-needed attention.

Let’s face it, Corbin is now 38 years old and needs to hit the refresh button on his current character in WWE. Much of the WWE Universe wants him to go back to the Lone Wolf gimmick that elevated his career, but WWE seems to not want to do so. Nevertheless, there is a compelling story here with Corbin, who has never won the NXT Championship in his career. On top of that, Corbin is a great heel; the crowd hates him, which will only add to Hayes’ babyface run.

This is a huge opportunity to resurrect Baron Corbin’s career. Meanwhile, it’s also a chance to show that Melo is “HIM” and can defeat a main roster guy that has won the United States Championship, Money in the Bank, King of the Ring, and more. This is a win-win scenario for WWE and for both superstars.