It’s time for Johnny Gargano to capture a main roster title


Johnny Gargano is a man that many want to see rise to the top and getting to a main roster title is the first step.

Johnny Gargano made his long-awaited WWE return last August to a massive pop and was destined at the time to make an immediate impact on the main roster. However, like many others, Gargano found himself quickly lost in the shuffle simply being used as an enhancement talent for guys like Cody Rhodes.

Gargano was dominant in NXT, winning the NXT North American Championship three times, and winning the brand’s biggest prize, the NXT Championship once. He was an anticipated call-up to the main roster but has yet to find his footing in the mid-card scene.

With two heel mid-card champions in Austin Theory with the United States Championship, and Gunther with the Intercontinental championship, it is a perfect time to plug in a babyface to win one of those belts, and Gargano is the perfect candidate.

All but one singles WWE champion right now are heels, and a change of pace is needed. Gargano is one of the best in-ring talents on the whole entire roster, and being a part of a reunited The Way could help him create a character to better connect with fans.

I’m not saying WWE needs to throw Gargano immediately into any title picture, but it starts with having him pick up a few wins on weekly television. One of the better return vignettes in recent WWE history was played last week for Gargano and hopefully, they immediately continue to roll on with his momentum.

The underdog story is what Johnny Gargano needs to run with for his first run back with the main roster. The fans in these past few years have really taken a liking to babyfaces that have an underdog story, an example right now would be the tribulations of Cody Rhodes against Brock Lesnar.

The guy many people told he was too small to ever make it in a wrestling ring, needs to use his size and quickness to pick up an upset win over Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship once he beats The Honky Tonk Man’s record reign.

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