AEW Rampage: Aubrey Edwards makes Karen Jarrett tap


Yes, you read that headline right. No, this isn’t a headline from TNA. It happened in an AEW ring in 2023 (none of you had that on your bingo cards).

For the last few months, Triple J have been using Mark Briscoe’s friendship against him. Things finally came to a head at Double or Nothing when Briscoe served as the special guest referee between Triple J and FTR for the AEW tag team titles. Of course chaos (not to be confused with CHAOS) ensued and Briscoe finally had enough of Jeff Jarrett’s shenanigans. He snapped at him and FTR retained their titles.

Part of the chaos from Double or Nothing occurred when Karen Jarrett smashed a guitar over the head of referee Aubrey Edwards. A few nights later, the women had to be separated. On last week’s episode of Rampage, Karen called out Edwards. Accompanied by Briscoe, Edwards told Karen that AEW wouldn’t sanction a match between them.

She warned Karen that of she saw her in catering, a hotel, or interfering in Jeff’s matches, she’d kick her a–. Briscoe informed Aubrey that the higher ups would sanction a mixed trios match. Sonjay Dutt volunteered Triple J and Karen. Briscoe informed them that he and Edwards would be joined by Papa Briscoe.

Early in the match, Edwards tried to go one on one with Karen, but she didn’t want the smoke and quickly tagged out. Edwards later chased Karen around the ring, even though Satnam Singh tried to stand In her way.

Once she finally got her hands on Karen, she took her down by her hair. She hit a few times before putting her in what looked to be a snap mare (or a hair mare, as dubbed by JR).  Edwards had Jeff’s guitar and thought about hitting Karen with it, but hit Jay Lethal instead.

Karen clawed her in the eyes and attempted to put her in The Stroke. Edwards reversed and locked Karen in the figure four to make her tap out. After the match, the Briscoe’s were hyped.

This storyline hasn’t been for everyone, but the Rampage match was fun for what it was. It probably won’t be the last we see of Karen Jarrett. Perhaps Triple J will respect Edwards a little more. Somehow, it doesn’t seem like the story is over between Triple J and Mark Briscoe.

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