WWE Raw Predictions: Rhea Ripley Will Screw Raquel Rodriguez


WWE Raw is continuing its road to WWE SummerSlam 2023, which already has a plethora of rumored blockbuster matches. On this week’s episode of WWE Raw, Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez will defend their women’s tag team championships against Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville, Alpha Academy will battle Viking Raiders in a Viking Rules Tag Match, and Gunther will battle Matt Riddle in a non-title match. In terms of segments, Brock Lesnar will return to address his feud with Cody Rhodes and possibly add a stipulation to their rumored SummerSlam match.

In other news regarding WWE Raw, the Judgment Day defeated Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn in the main event last week. This should mean that they are all owed title opportunities against the respective champions. Becky Lynch is still feuding with Trish Stratus and actually lost to Zoey Stark last week. It seems that the numbers game is too much for Lynch and she may need a returning tag partner in Lita. Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler are continuing their feud, and the same can be said for Logan Paul and Ricochet on the road to SummerSlam.

The following will focus on the three scheduled matches for this episode and some possible epic returns and title changes on the road to WWE SummerSlam 2023.

WWE Raw is scheduled to take place on July 17, 2023, live on the USA Network, and and Rhea Ripley will screw Raquel Rodriguez.

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez (c) vs. Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville [Women’s Tag Team Championships]

Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville will dethrone Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez via nefarious means because Raquel Rodriguez is already rumored to battle Rhea Ripley for the world title at SummerSlam and it would make no sense for Rodriguez to still be holding the tag titles whilst contending for the world title. It would not only hurt the predictability of the SummerSlam match but also detrimentally monopolize the already demolished women’s tag division. Ripley even teased last week that she is unhappy with Morgan and Rodrigues getting involved in her business.

Furthermore, putting the titles on the entertaining heel tag team of Green and Deville will open up fresh feuds with the plethora of legitimate babyface tag teams on the roster, such as Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn, KC^2, and The Way. Since Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler are officially broken up, there are no other compelling heel tag teams other than Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark in the division who could go toe to toe with the babyface champions in Morgan and Rodriguez. Morgan and Rodriguez are thereby better off utilizing their star power in the singles division.

Henceforth, Rhea Ripley will screw Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez as payback for getting involved in her business when she was attacking Natalya two weeks ago. This will add some fuel to the fire between Ripley and Rodriguez as their reignite their NXT rivalry this summer.

Prediction: Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville

Alpha Academy vs. Viking Raiders [Viking Rules Tag Match]

Although this is a Viking Rules match, Alpha Academy will beat Viking Raiders at their own game to avenge them for stealing the Alpha Graduation Jacket from Maxxine Dupri. The real question is: What is Valhalla going to do with that jacket? Is she going to light it on fire with a torch in their Viking Cave? Is she going to wear it for the Yankees-Angels game? Is she going to reknit it into a Riott Squad sweater and reunite with Liv Morgan? There should be more questions about what Valhalla is doing with that jacket than what Erick Rowan had in that cage three years ago.

Anyways, it seems pretty obvious that WWE is poising Maxxine Dupri as a rising babyface in the women’s division. This alliance with the Alpha Academy should elevate her to that status, and she is making the most out of everything she is given. Henceforth, Alpha Academy will win here.

Prediction: Alpha Academy

Gunther (c) vs. Matt Riddle [Non-Title Match w/Imperium banned from ringside]

Gunther will defeat Matt Riddle in this non-title MITB rematch because booking 101 says that he is a champion who should not lose a singles match on live television. Also, Gunther is already rumored to defend his title against Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam. Although Imperium is banned from ringside, they will probably still find a way to show up. However, Drew McIntyre told Riddle that he won’t be there for that Raw. This means that Riddle will have no help in case Imperium attack him after the match like ravage hyenas unless a friend of his appears outta nowhere.

Randy Orton will return to even the numbers and make the save. It will be interesting to see whether Orton predictably turns on Riddle to set up a SummerSlam match with him or actually assist Riddle and McIntyre in a 6-man tag match against Imperium this summer.

Prediction: Gunther

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