Damian Priest will steal Seth Rollins’s idea at SummerSlam


Damian Priest should take an idea from Seth Rollins’s playbook and cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase at SummerSlam. 

Finn Balor got what he wanted as a rematch between him and Seth Rollins was announced for SummerSlam. The two men will run back their Money in the Bank match, which continues their story from years ago. But this time, there’s an interesting wrinkle in the form of Damian Priest. A man that will walk out of the major WWE PLE as the World Heavyweight Champion when he takes a page out of Seth Rollins’s own playbook.

Rollins picked up his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship back at WrestleMania 31. What did he do? Perhaps the best Money in the Bank cash-in of all time when he added himself to the main event as Roman Reigns battled Brock Lesnar. Rollins cashed in, making the match a Triple Threat, and walked out with the belt, kicking off a storied run that would lead to the visionary today. Great moment, yes. But do not be surprised if there’s a twist on that same situation in 2023.

Balor and Priest are currently playing well together as a part of The Judgement Day. The two men seemed to have brought things back together, after nearly tearing the group apart in recent weeks. Priest is walking around with the briefcase. Rhea Ripley is the most dominant women’s champion in WWE today. And Dominick Mysterio has the hatred of the WWE Universe at his back. All that pits Balor in the least position in the group, fueling his anger and fire to get back at Rollins for that championship that’s around his waist while putting his best interest first.

That is the story that could be used to see Priest cash in during the match at Money in the Bank. Fans should expect him to be ringside to support Balor. And there will be a moment where both he and Rollins are down and hurt. What’s to stop Priest from handing in the briefcase, making the match a triple threat to pick up the win himself? Or what if he decides on an even more selfish turn against Balor, helping him win the match over Rollins just to take the title from him minutes later?

There has been a lot of praise for the majority of Priest’s main roster run. He’s done splendid work and has experienced consistently strong booking along the way. Seeing him pick up the championship at SummerSlam would be an exciting moment leading into the final months of 2023.

Seth Rollins is the visionary, but does he have the foresight to predict that Damian Priest can use his own tactic to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase at SummerSlam? Perhaps, but seeing Priest close the show as the new champion would be a major moment for WWE Raw, The Judgement Day, and everyone involved.

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