WWE SummerSlam 2023 Full Match Card Predictions: Iyo Sky Will Cash In On Asuka

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Ronda Rousey vs. Shayna Baszler [Grudge Match]

Shayna Baszler honestly needs to solidify her babyface turn on Rousey with a victory that will help build herself back into the world title picture. There is clearly a lack of top babyfaces to challenge Rhea Ripley for the title outside Becky Lynch, so this is a good way to keep things fresh in the main event scene on Raw. Also, Rousey is rumored to be on her way out of the WWE and back to UFC, so there’s no valid reason for her to win here unless they want to stretch out this feud into a trilogy throughout the fall since SummerSlam might not be the end of their feud with no stip.

This rivalry needs levels. It needs a stipulation. It needs a FIGHT PIT to fit their MMA styles. So, while Baszler will inevitably win this feud, it seems that Rousey will be a major swerve to win this first match at SummerSlam. No one really knows exactly when that hard-out date is just yet.

Prediction: Ronda Rousey

Logan Paul vs. Ricochet [Grudge Match]

Logan Paul will defeat Ricochet in this celebrity match because this is merely WWE’s way of giving one of their top celebrities a victory to offset his losses at Royal Rumble to Cody Rhodes, WrestleMania to Seth Rollins, and MITB to Damian Priest. This feud between Paul and Ricochet stemmed from their incredible spot at the Rumble and continued at MITB where Ricochet delivered a Spanish Fly to Paul through two tables outside the ring. These two have chemistry in the ring when it comes to daring spots, and Ricochet is here to make Paul look great.

Prediction: Logan Paul