MJF is set for a massive babyface run


MJF as a babyface? It could happen and when it does he’s going to have a huge run with AEW.

This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite MJF relayed to the fans that he felt a larger than ever connection with them by being their scumbag. That promo was the planting of seeds to the start of his first babyface run in AEW. Fans over the past few years have hated MJF’s guts, but when they realized how good he is at what he does, it was hard not to love him.

MJF’s pairing with Adam Cole was AEW‘s trial run of how the crowd would react to him when he was the genuine babyface, and it was a home run in every sense you can look at it. Now with the match set for All In between the two men, the teases all point one direction. Adam Cole is headed to be the bad guy, while the fans are set to rally behind MJF because every friend he has ever had has stabbed him in the back.

Whether it is the closed fist during their hug, or the teasing of Adam Cole becoming the leader of the Kingdom, it seems almost certain the AEW main event scene is in for a massive shakeup. Even if it requires MJF to drop the World Championship to turn face, it is going to be an almost risk-free investment, as long as they have him re-signed of course.

At last year’s All Out media press conference, Chris Jericho predicted where we are at right now.

"“It’s easier to make people hate you than it is to make them like you, but once they start hating you, that’s when they really start liking you. He’s almost at that — that’s my prediction. I think he’ll be one of the top babyfaces, whether he wants to be or not, very very soon. A game changer, that’s my opinion,” said Jericho."

The fans around MJF all went through this same process that Jericho is detailing. What started out as hate became appreciating him because of how special of a talent he was being the scumbag we have all come to know and love.

Striking while the iron is hot, is what AEW is best at out of the two major American wrestling promotions, and they aren’t going to let this chance slip out of their hands. AEW has seen the merch sales, ratings, and crowd reactions all around the segments where MJF is a loveable guy, and they all say it is time to embrace the fans’ appreciation for MJF.

There is enough that can be said about MJF’s ability to make whatever he is handed turn to gold. I can’t think of one storyline or character he has had that just fell flat. Even if he has to carry other talents on his back like in the four pillars feud, fans eventually came around to it, and his babyface turn is no different. MJF is going to hit a grand slam with this turn and not just a home run.

There may be no better place to officially turn him face then at All In, with 70,000 fans passionately waiting to get behind him. The possibilities are endless for potential feuds with MJF as face squaring off with heels such as CM Punk, Jay White, or Swerve Strickland.

The last time AEW had a true babyface as the top star was when ‘Hangman’ Adam Page was World Champion. That was a very lackluster run as the top star, but this time with MJF being the top babyface, there is nearly no way that it flops.

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