WWE SummerSlam Top 3 Moments


The results are in and WWE SummerSlam was another success for the company in what has been a historic few months. The sellout crowd in the motor city witnessed top-tier programming from start to finish and quite a few surprises. Moments that were not just captivating, but also undeniable.

The top three moments that made WWE SummerSlam

The sportsmanship post-match between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes was completely unplanned, according to HHH at the SummerSlam press conference. As well, the elite trolling of Seth Rollins to wear the same vest from his 2016 match with Finn Balor. An underrated touch was Ronda Rousey’s willingness to touch gloves with Shayna Baszler, after an MMA career where she previously opted out of the gesture. WWE Summerslam absolutely delivered, however, these three moments will likely be the most discussed in the near future.

Must See meets Most Viral

Start printing the T-shirts for the new tag team of Grayson Waller and the Miz. The Slim Jim Battle Royal was the LA Knight showcase, but this unlikely duo had the biggest spot moment in the match. Miz and Waller performed a mashup of their finishers that was jaw-dropping and gave an instant thought of “what if.”

The skull-crushing finale combined with the rolling stunner is a top-five tag team finisher instantly in this current landscape. It’s unclear if there will be a payoff for these two joining forces, but the Miz has a way of turning things into gold. If you look back at all of Miz’s former colleagues, they are all doing very well. Perhaps the Waller effect becomes must see on Friday nights in the near future.

Anniversary Cash in

Iyo Sky is the new WWE Women’s champion after cashing in her Money in the Bank Briefcase on Bianca Belair. Sky’s moment has a case for the best of the evening due to all of the surrounding factors involved. Sky debuted at SummerSlam in 2022, aligning with Dakota Kai and Bayley, and realized her destiny one year later.

It also bears saying the WWE Women’s Championship match was the match of the night. Due in part to the excellent selling of Bianca Belair of the very believable knee injury. Despite the knee, she would go on to reclaim the title and now holds two records as the longest and shortest WWE Women’s Champion. The Genius of the Sky joins a list of successful cash-ins and it is now her era. Sky has a long list of worthy challengers on Smackdown and can continue her quest to claim the title of best in the world.

My Brother’s Keeper

The latest wrinkle in the Bloodline story will focus on the betrayal between two twin brothers. Jimmy Uso, who had been absent for weeks, returned to cost his twin the victory against Roman Reigns. Many will question the merit of this angle, and complain of the storyline going on too long, but it’s actually simple. Jimmy was and has been jealous of the glow-up of his little brother. It was even alluded to in earlier promos before Jey sided with his brother in leaving the Bloodline.

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In a sense, Roman was always right in stating that Jimmy has always been the problem. Even with that information, Jey would never leave his brother’s side. Jimmy has now cost Jey three matches versus Roman Reigns. The latest act being the most defiant and outright showcase of jealousy. The brothers can now get their desired one on one match, while Roman continues the most dominant title reign of this era. The Bloodline saga continues to peel the onion back and its culmination may be no time soon, which is best for business. This outcome will only add to the legacy of “Main Event” Jey Uso if he will indeed be the one.