AEW All In 2023 will be ‘The biggest event in wrestling history’


We are likely mere hours or days away from AEW All In 2023 passing the pro wrestling single-event attendance record set by WrestleMania 32 seven years ago. By the sheer numbers, this would make it the largest event in pro wrestling history besides the New Japan and WCW shows held in North Korea in the 1980s, which nearly everyone disregards from truly counting toward a paid attendance.

We have never seen AEW on this large of a stage before, which is why it could truly transform the industry. AEW started a little over four and a half years ago and now they are going to be the holder of the largest paid attendance ever. That says everything we need to know about the health of professional wrestling worldwide. Now, more than ever before, a larger number of non-mainstream wrestling promotions will start to run larger venues because they know that even the newer AEW could get over 80,000. Something no one even had faith they could do before the last couple of years.

Having the event in London, England plays a large impact in the draw of fans to Wembley Stadium. A market of wrestling fans that eagerly wait anytime they can see a live show, now are going to be making history in a week and a half. Some of the rowdiest fans around are going to make this event feel exactly like the ‘biggest event in wrestling history’. Whether the big moments are the Young Bucks winning the tag team titles, or Adam Cole turning on MJF, Wembley is sure to make them unforgettable.

Taking a look at the card, yeah it’s easy to say it feels a little underwhelming before you really think about it. All of the dream matches some have discussed like Ospreay vs. Omega III, Danielson vs Omega, or Hikaru Shida vs Mercedes Mone, all can be immediately ruled out by logic. Injury to Danielson and Mone along with Ospreay vs. Omega being a New Japan story have all put these editions to everyone’s “dream card” aside from being realistic.

The card is designed in a very specific way to give rubs to some of the upcoming talents in AEW like Darby Allin and AR Fox, while at the same time paying tribute to the original All In event five years ago. Six-man tag matches and singles matches to settle feuds are set to be key matches at the show, paying tribute to those who participated in starting a revolution half a decade ago. Exactly what the card should’ve always been because this event is for the die-hard fans that made this all possible.

The biggest match of the night, MJF vs Adam Cole for the AEW World Championship, maybe the biggest AEW match since its inception. Two guys that were both told they were too small and short to ever make it main event scene in WWE, are now showing that it was always possible. Both are beloved members of the AEW roster and 80,000 strong voicing dueling chants rooting for either man, should make it feel like the marquee match on the biggest event in wrestling history. The crowd can change a match from good to great, but given MJF and Cole’s match earlier this summer on Dynamite, we should be in for an extraordinary barn burner.

The fans, the atmosphere, and what it means to all of those involved all make for a special event that never seemed possible until the last number of years. AEW All In 2023 proves once again the old saying “If you build it they will come”, and now it’s time to make sure no one ever forgets it either by etching their name in stone as the ‘Biggest Event in Wrestling History’.

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