Ludwig Kaiser has the makings to be a stand out name for WWE


Ludwig Kaiser is playing backup in Imperium but shows the skills to be a performer that can stand alone. 

The rise of GUNTHER on the WWE main roster has been an impressive sight to behold. The company has found a way to keep him interesting and undefeated along the way, a feat that many thought was beyond WWE’s creative chops at this point. While they’ve developed a special attraction in the leader of Imperium, Ludwig Kaiser has started to emerge as a star to watch. One that is showing some impressive potential for a singles run.

Professional wrestlers are expected to not only be able to perform in the ring but to deliver a character that while over-the-top, is also a believable persona. Kaiser is showing the world that he can do both, week after week. Whether it’s introducing the other members of Imperium, putting on a great match in the ring, cutting a promo, or being involved in a backstage segment, Kaiser is showing that he can hang with anyone on the roster. At some point, there should be space for him to excel on his own.

Before any of that comes to fruition, there’s hope that he and Giovanni Vinci get an opportunity to run with the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship. They’ve already obtained tag team titles twice while in NXT, and they would be a good force to be at the top of the main roster tag team division. Especially if GUNTHER finds himself in a position as the top champion on Monday Night Raw. There are hints at Vinci being jettisoned from the group, which would be a mistake at this point, but far from a surprise with how this company books tag teams.

But back to Kaiser as an individual performer. He’s someone that would fit well into the mid-card scene. One could see him taking over a championship like the United States or Intercontinental Championship and continuing the tradition of it being a “worker’s title.” Look back at some of his recent examples of singles matches that were well-received by fans and critics alike. He and Matt Riddle had a great match in July. Then there’s the match with Drew McIntyre that same month. As he continues to add to that catalog, viewers will recognize that he can certainly work throughout the match. There’s a reason why he and Vinci, when considering the opportunity, are one of the best working tag teams in the promotion.

Kaiser’s character work is also very strong. His facial expressions, the inflection of his voice, choice of words, all give power to his character as an arrogant European. It will be interesting to see if he could develop his abilities to play other facets, but WWE shouldn’t even consider turning him into a babyface any time soon. Disgust seeps from every word that he uses when on screen, and that will continue to help him build a base of hatred from fans.

It’s always interesting to see which individuals stand out when booked in factions and tag teams. WWE has three great workers in each of the members of Imperium. GUNTHER is putting together a career year. Vinci has the potential even though creative hasn’t been favorable for him, and Kaiser is rising on his own. The latter has the makings to be a strong individual star for the company in the future.

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