Maxxine Dupri has caught fire and WWE shouldn’t miss out


Maxxine Dupri has so much potential and her career in the WWE is only just getting started.

Since Maxxine Dupri made her start in WWE, she has proven to the WWE Universe that she makes a prominent role as a managerial figure. Dupri didn’t have to stay long in NXT as she quickly escalated to the WWE’s main roster. Beginning her valet role with the Maximum Male Models, Dupri had that spark and appeal that would get the fans investing when recruiting members to her stable.

Recently, it seems that Dupri has found her niche as part of Alpha Academy. With Chad Gable taking her under his wing, she has gained potential with her in-ring performance. A few weeks ago on RAW, Dupri made a great first impression in her debut match. With more in-ring training, Dupri might have something huge rolled up on her sleeve. Since her alliance with Alpha Academy, she has been in a role as Gable and Otis’ on-screen protege. Currently, she’s part of a storyline with Imperium as Gable is in pursuit of “The Ring General” Gunther’s Intercontinental Championship.

There are so many options WWE can go with this current story Dupri is involved in. For the past couple of weeks, Imperium member, Ludwig Kaiser, has been persuading Dupri to depart from Alpha Academy and join Imperium. This storyline can affect Gable’s opportunity of winning the Intercontinental Title, by having Dupri cost Gable. Hopefully, that will not be the case as it has been a thrill with Dupri as part of Alpha Academy.

Another alternative could be Durpi helping Gable dethrone the undefeated Gunther and ruin his chances of becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE history. With either proposal, Dupri will still have a prominent role in the Intercontinental Championship storyline. There has been definite improvement shown upon Dupri and there’s nowhere to go for her at this point but up.

Do you believe WWE shouldn’t miss out on Maxxine Dupri’s potential? Leave your comments below.

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