Top three moments of The Bloodline story to date


The Bloodline angle continues on without a clear end in sight, but it created some interesting moments along the way. 

As with any long-term tale, the arc of The Bloodline has had its ups and downs. But one thing remains true, it is one of the best storylines told in professional wrestling in recent years, regardless of promotion. The matches are one thing, but what happens between those contests are some of the biggest moments in the angle. Looking back to Roman Reigns’s original return in 2020, these are the top three moments in The Bloodline angle to date.

Roman Reigns gets his advocate, Paul Heyman

COVID-19 was ravaging the world and while many sheltered down, WWE tried to power through in the face despite all medical advice. Roman Reigns was one of the individuals that decided his best bet was to remain at home due to medical issues that put him in the at-risk category. But when he returned at SummerSlam 2020, everyone figured he was heading back into the “normal” push that he was getting at the time. But that would not be the case.

On August 28, 2020, Roman Reigns was slotted to compete for the WWE Universal Championship. Before signing the contract, he handed it over to none other than Paul Heyman for review. This was a shocking reveal as Heyman has years of history with not only the Anoa’i family, but current fans would link him to Brock Lesnar, who Reigns battled time and again. To see them sitting side by side was a huge moment and an indicator that something big was to come.

Sami Zayn protects Kevin Owens

The substory of Sami Zayn and Jey Uso brought The Bloodline angle back from near death. Fans were getting tired of the constant ebbs and flows of the storyline. Zayn’s 2022 run was some of the best professional wrestling across the industry and seeing him work his way into the main event scene captured the attention of everyone.

Viewers knew that at some point, The Bloodline was going to attack Zayn. But instead, it was he who attacked first. After all, he went through to prove his loyalty to the group, the assault they laid on Kevin Owens was too much. At the Royal Rumble 2023, he would drive the steel chair into Roman’s back. But that moment would further drive the wedge between Jey and Roman which remained the most important aspect of this entire angle.

Jimmy Uso shoots first

Jey Uso has remained a central figure in the entire Bloodline story. In fact, this angle has elevated him from the tag team specialist category into a main event-level performer. “Main Event” Jey Uso isn’t just a nickname, it’s a tag that he’s earned due to his performance during this storyline. He and Reigns shared big moments both in the ring and in segments that had fans running to social media to break them down. All leading up to the hope that Jey Uso would be the one to unseat his cousin.

But it would be Jimmy Uso who “shot” first when he super-kicked Roman Reigns in the face at Night of Champions. Jey’s face said it all as his twin brother laid his red sneakers into Reigns’s chin multiple times. While the arc since then has some raising their eyebrows at how it’s played out, that visual of Roman taking those kicks was a huge moment.

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