The Judgement Day’s story is overdelivering


The top faction in all of WWE is The Judgement Day. They have been overdelivering since they were formed back in April of last year.

It seems like aeons ago, WWE Hall of Famer Edge started this faction alongside just Damian Priest to start. Edge was in the midst of a feud with AJ Styles and Priest bought into Edge’s message and aligned himself with The Rated-R Superstar.

Initially, I was unsure of what the future held for both superstars, but I was excited for Priest and thought it would be a great opportunity to push him by aligning him with a WWE Hall of Famer. In regards to what was to follow, little did I know I would like even more. During a feud with Finn Balor, Edge, and Priest added themselves a new member — Rhea Ripley.

As exciting as this new faction forming was, it took a while to cling with the WWE Universe. Whether or not it was under Vince McMahon or Triple H’s regime is irrelevant. It took a while to make sense. That is until The Judgment Day started announcing that they were “looking for recruits” to join their faction. The group intended to create opportunities for WWE superstars to redefine their careers.

During this time, The Judgement Day was in a feud with Finn Balor, AJ Styles, and Liv Morgan. The way the storyline was going it was obvious one of them would be the next member to join the fun. All three superstars had a legitimate possibility to join the group. They all needed some sort of reset on their character. But, none more than Balor — which is why his joining made so much sense at the time. It was a great way for the veteran Edge to help put Balor and the rest of The Judgement Day over.

After the conclusion of the Edge-Balor feud, it seemed like things were at a standstill until it became clear The Judgement Day was trying to recruit Dominik Mysterio to join. As we all waited for him to execute the heel turn on his father, once it happened (which we’re coming up on the year anniversary), that was the moment that changed everything for Judgement Day.

The Judgement Day runs the WWE

In a chain of events to follow, Ripley would win the Women’s Royal Rumble just three months later, and Mysterio would face his father in his WrestleMania debut. As we know Ripley went on to dethrone Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania to win what would eventually become the WWE Women’s World Championship. Since then, she’s been dominating any challenger that approaches her and has the top-selling merch in WWE.

Priest won the Men’s Money in the Bank back in July and Mysterio won the NXT North American Championship a month ago and has become the biggest heel in all of professional wrestling.

As we sit today, three of the four members either have a championship or a guaranteed championship opportunity. As the odd man out, it is likely Balor may be the first domino to fall from the group. He may not have come out with any gold in his feud with current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, but it was an exhilarating feud to revisit that also needed closure.

As a whole, this group is running the WWE. They’ve become the workhorses of the company. They continue to appear on WWE NXT, sometimes even Smackdown. Thank goodness for the WWE Draft a few months back. All in all, while the storyline with The Bloodline seems to be taking a brief halt, The Judgement Day remains in the spotlight and has become the top faction in the WWE and has completely over-delivered throughout the past year.

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