AEW should throw all its weight behind Konosuke Takeshita for the future


Konosuke Takeshita checks all the boxes of a star and AEW needs to continue his push to the moon. 

Konosuke Takeshita has had an amazing time as a part of the All Elite Wrestling roster. He came over on a surprise excursion in 2021 and has emerged as one of the brightest prospects under 30 years old in the entire industry. He’s picked up multiple wins over Kenny Omega and the pinfall victory that came at All Out is the final indicator that AEW is ready to put all their chips into Takeshita as a foundational piece for the future.

This year has been a stellar year for Takeshita, even though he’s had several big moments in his 11 years of experience. He’s only lost three singles matches in 2023. Bryan Danielson defeated him back in January. MJF picked up a win over him in the title eliminator in February. And Sammy Guevara beat him in March. For the last six months, the man has not lost a singles match. That’s a level of booking that screams a championship push is on the horizon and AEW would be daft to not strap this man up sooner, rather than later.

AEW heavily leverages talent from Japan but has yet to put a championship around the waist of any competitor from that country in any form. Takeshita must be the one to grab that brass ring, and the backing the company has put behind him to date shows that he checks all the boxes necessary to be a top champion. He’s embraced his role as the heel character, and every aspect of his character has perfectly changed to fit that position on the roster.

Kenny Omega is one of the most important men on the AEW roster and seeing Takeshita get his hand consistently raised against him is a telling moment. Sure, Omega will get that victory back at some point – but imagine if Takeshita defeats him again. That alone is a career-defining moment that should put him directly in line for a championship run. AEW has a strong track record of elevating newer names up the roster, but there still seems to be a glass ceiling of sorts for some individuals when it comes to reaching the top of the show. Takeshita is someone who should completely blow through that ceiling.

Takeshita doesn’t need a championship for his booking to include excellent matches, he’s proven that point already. But think about the possibilities of Takeshita as champion and booking him in angles against top names like Adam Cole, Adam “Hangman” Page, Eddie Kingston, and even great matches to come against individuals like Daniel Garcia. There’s so much potential on the board that it would be a horrible mistake to ignore it.

AEW has a stacked roster, that statement can’t be said enough. But it’s still time for them to begin elevating new names to the top of the list. Konosuke Takeshita is one individual the company should throw its power behind because he is one that should be a pillar of the future.

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