WWE: Tegan Nox Deserves So Much Better On Raw Right Now


Tegan Nox deserves so much better on WWE Raw right now. The WWE Draft took place on April 28 and May 1, 2023, which is when Tegan Nox was drafted to Monday Night Raw on Raw Talk. At first glance, it seemed as if getting drafted on Raw Talk instead of the actual episode of Raw was not a big deal due to time constraints. However, it seems that being drafted on Raw Talk was actually a downgrade for such an amazing talent because Nox’s booking on Raw has been almost nonexistent. That is a big mistake on WWE’s part, and they need to be cognizant of their mistake.

With that being said, the following will identify and explain three reasons why the superstar who should be pushed to be the next breakout star on the flagship show is: Tegan Nox.

Tegan Nox deserves so much better on Raw right now. Here are three reasons why Tegan Nox should be pushed to be the next breakout star on the flagship show.

3.) Tegan Nox is a natural and likable underdog babyface.

Tegan Nox is a courageous Welsh superstar who loves defying odds and beating people up in the ring while doing it, which are likable babyface character traits that resonate well with the audience. She looked up to Kane and Molly Holly the most as inspirations in her pro wrestling career. During her NXT career, she utilized similar methodologies that Kane and Molly Holly used to get over with the WWE audience in the way that she did. Unfortunately, she has not yet used that babyface momentum to win a championship in WWE due to hindrances from past injuries.

2.) Tegan Nox should not be held back due to her past injury history.

Outside the ring, Tegan Nox is also a Captain Marvel fan. She has expressed in the past that Captain Marvel helped her get through a lot of the mental anguish she sustained during the down moments in her pro wrestling career. Those down moments especially included the times she injured her ACL and meniscus. Like was done with Balor, WWE has a proclivity of holding off on main event pushes for WWE superstars due to potentially being injury prone. This should not be the case for the persevering Tegan Nox, as she has a compelling story to tell from her past injuries.

1.) Tegan Nox can finish her story with Rhea Ripley for the World Championship.

When Tegan Nox was injured the first time, she was unable to compete in the Mae Young Classic, which was a big dream of hers. When she returned for the second Mae Young Classic, she got injured again in a match with Rhea Ripley and had to get surgery to prevent further aggravation of the vulnerable areas in her ACL and meniscus. Now that she is rehired by WWE with a fresh restart, she can finish the story that never got wrapped up in the first place, and that is doing the match that was not completed at the Mae Young Classic and dethroning Ripley for the world title.

Rhea Ripley herself said that Nox saved her career in WWE twice. A good way to give back to an underdog babyface is a title victory on a big stage. Many fans complain about how Ripley barely defends her title against any challengers and that the same superstars are always in the main event scene on Raw, such as Becky Lynch, who is conceivably the only major threat to Ripley’s title reign on Raw right now. Although Becky is amazing at what she does, WWE needs some fresh faces in the main event scene, and Tegan Nox is a hidden gem with the perfect redemption story.

"“Always get up. If you always get up, it’s never over.” – Captain Marvel"

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