Five WWE superstars that should appear in UFC 5


UFC 5 is set to release on October 27, and these five WWE superstars would be perfect crossovers now that both companies are under the Endeavor banner.

The merger between WWE and UFC is one day away. The two brands will become one under Endeavor, and many are wondering what the widespread impact will be on both organizations. Many speculate that there will not be a lot of change, at least to start. A merger such as this in sports entertainment is still a massive ordeal. But of course, there are still minor conversations popping up, one such is the idea that names from both brands can begin to crossover in various fashions. As news and gameplay footage of UFC 5 start to matriculate through the media, here are five WWE superstars that would fit in as featured competitors in the Octagon.

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle stands out as one of the biggest success stories of performers who transitioned from mixed martial arts into professional wrestling. He didn’t have the star power that came with names like Brock Lesnar or Ronda Rousey, instead, he carved his way through the industry – making stops in multiple independent organizations like EVOLVE, GCW, MLW, DEFIANT, and others. While controversy continues to surround him, he’s still an individual that WWE looks to leverage at a high level.

Riddle’s MMA career was cut short because of his love for marijuana, which at the time held harsher penalties than seen today. He ended his time with the UFC back in 2013, and fought once outside the company, finishing with an 8-3 record. Two wins were overturned due to failing drug tests, both times for weed. Could Riddle become a UFC champion? That’s a question that will go unanswered in real life, but if he is featured in the video game perhaps, he can go back and achieve that dream.

Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler was a trailblazer in mixed martial arts. Long before she was mangling foes in professional wrestling, she was fighting for some of the first organizations to feature women’s MMA in the sport. By the time she had the opportunity to fight in the UFC in 2014, she had already been actively fighting for 12 years. She wasn’t at the top of her game when that moment came in the Octagon, but MMA fans recognize that she, along with several other names, paved the way for Rousey to become who she is today.

Seeing Baszler in a UFC video game today would be a great achievement. She’s a fan favorite in the WWE and allowing her to get that moment would go a long way for those who have followed her throughout both phases of her career.

Roman Reigns

This one is clearly for fun. Roman Reigns has no experience in MMA but imagine the response of seeing the most important WWE superstar of this generation squaring up with the likes of Jon Jones and others. It would be interesting to see how the presentation of Reigns as a UFC competitor would come across. He’s a proven star for the WWE, and while some would roll their eyes at his inclusion, you can expect that millions would take at least one opportunity to play with or against The Tribal Chief in the Octagon.

Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville is another individual on the women’s roster who has a background in mixed martial arts. She didn’t reach the mainstream heights as some others mentioned, but still has experience when it comes to stepping into the cage and fighting for real. Unfortunately, she is out of active performance due to injury, right as she and Chelsea Green were gaining momentum as WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. It would be interesting to see if her involvement as a special character in the video game would motivate WWE to keep fans aware of her on-screen during her time away.

Bobby Lashley

The reason why Bobby Lashley versus Brock Lesnar was such a big deal was due to the parallels seen in their careers. Lesnar was highlighting at the highest of levels, while Lashley continued to be what seemed to be a step just under that. Even though he has three times as many MMA wins as Lesnar, his accolades are frequently diminished because he fought in smaller organizations and didn’t get the opportunity to fight in the UFC. Taking that opportunity and realizing it via the UFC 5 video game would be a huge deal that could even have crossover appeal between the two audiences.

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