Signing with WWE would make Jade Cargill a bigger star


If the rumors about Jade Cargill’s future are true, then signing with WWE would help her become a bigger star in entertainment. 

Fightful Select broke big news overnight about Jade Cargill and her status with AEW. According to Fightful sources, Cargill is “likely finishing up with All Elite Wrestling,” and “sources within both AEW and WWE believe she is headed to WWE.” That is a major statement as Cargill is a lightning rod of a topic within professional wrestling. Regardless of where one’s opinion may stand on her booking or in-ring performance, a shift to WWE would position Cargill to become a massive star in professional wrestling and beyond.

For 508 days Cargill held the AEW TBS Championship. It was a title that was effectively made for her. What started out as a hot run, quickly dampened off as it became apparent that AEW creative leadership didn’t have any idea on what to do with Cargill long term. The issues that continue to plague the booking around the women’s division were further exasperated when looking at the sheer star power that Cargill carries.

Did Cargill always perform well from bell to bell? No, but she was certainly improving, which is key for someone with less than three years of experience. She had every aspect of what it takes to be a crossover name in wrestling, but it felt like she’d never get that big moment in AEW. In some ways, it felt like Cargill didn’t fit in AEW. She was always more “sports entertainment” than “professional wrestling.”

Spoilers for the September 15 edition of AEW Rampage reveal that Kris Statlander will defeat Cargill to retain the title. That’s quite the outcome for a title reign and a return to amount to in the end. If her time with the promotion is over, and she’s heading to WWE then it is understandable.

WWE has the power to create crossover superstars. Look at the work that individuals like The Rock, John Cena, and Mercedes Mone were able to achieve. Even more so for Mone because her growth wasn’t supported by WWE at all. Bianca Belair is another individual whose fame is growing as she is frequently featured in marketing campaigns that tie back to professional wrestling. Give Cargill the opportunity to use those same resources and her stature in entertainment will only continue to grow.

This is even more apparent now that the WWE-UFC merger in TKO Group Holdings is complete. That would put Jade Cargill directly in line to access an individual like Ari Emmanuel, someone who many would consider one of the most powerful names in entertainment. If Cargill’s true goal is to move into entertainment, then there is nothing that AEW can do to compete with that.

Jade Cargill had what was a captivating and controversial run in All Elite Wrestling. If it is truly over, fans should celebrate her for her achievements and hopefully support her in all her future endeavors.

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