WWE FastLane 2023 Full Match Card Predictions: The Rock Will Replace AJ Styles

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Gunther (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa [Intercontinental Championship]

Gunther will retain the Intercontinental Championship against Tommaso Ciampa because Ciampa has not been built up well enough to end the amazing and memorable title reign Gunther has laid out this past calendar year. Ciampa is better off pursuing the tag titles with his former DIY tag team partner, Johnny Gargano, who still has yet to make his return to TV. Gunther will either lose his title to the most over babyface superstar on the roster today, LA Knight, or a returning credible Randy Orton, who only once held the IC TItle, the first title he ever won in his long tenured career.

Prediction: Gunther

Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre [Loser Leaves Raw]

Drew McIntyre will defeat Cody Rhodes to assure he leaves Raw for good because he is still disgruntled at the fact that Cody brought Jey Uso to Raw. McIntyre is mad about this because he still has beef with The Bloodline after they screwed him over time and time again, especially at Clash at the Castle in his home country of the UK. McIntyre has some history with Rhodes, as they did win the tag titles together back in 2010. Now that McIntyre ran through Jey Uso on Raw, he will solidify his slowly burned heel turn by beating Cody and moving on to the world title picture.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre