Three big matches for Mustafa Ali outside the WWE

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It was a surprise to see Mustafa Ali’s name among the individuals released by the WWE. But he’s someone who would put on some exceptional matches outside the company. 

Mustafa Ali was one of several names that were released last week. Ali is a consummate fan favorite, and many had hopes that he’d find success at some point during his WWE tenure. While he was featured a lot, and present in the mid-card scene (most recently in WWE NXT), he never held a WWE championship of any form. Is that a measure of success? Yes, for some – but it was one that Ali never achieved. Now that he’s no longer a part of the WWE roster, it will be interesting to see what’s next for his career. There are several big matches throughout the industry that he could have and these are three that jump off the page.

Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay deserves consideration when discussing the best professional wrestlers in the world today. Any aspect of what makes someone special in this space, Ospreay has and continues to check those boxes. His recent campaign has seen him taking on and defeating some of the longest-standing veterans and fan favorites in the industry. Will Ospreay versus Mustafa Ali would be a hit.

When given the opportunity to perform at a high level in WWE, Ali delivered. Look back to his matches against GUNTHER, his triple threat against Kevin Owens and Bryan Danielson, or his Ricochet as examples. Ali has both the character work and the in-ring abilities, seeing him put all that on display against Ospreay would be exciting from start to finish.

The question is how do we get to this match? It would be interesting to see if an independent promotion brought these two men together in a dream match. On paper, this would be a big attraction to wrestling fans and could open a door to some future showcases in other organizations in the industry.