Three big matches for Mustafa Ali outside the WWE

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Mike Bailey

“Speedball” Mike Bailey is a name that more wrestling fans should know. His matches may not appear in the biggest promotions, but every time Bailey steps into the ring, he delivers on the action. Ali versus Bailey is the type of match that free agency creates and one that many individuals would never predict to see.

Mike Bailey is another name that excels at professional wrestling. His charisma shows big time both in the ring and in the build to big matches. He goes hard in all his matches and stands out as what some may consider the best “work rate” guy in wrestling today. If you’re looking for examples of great Mike Bailey matches to watch, go back, and look at his showcases against Josh Alexander, Konosuke Takeshita, Roderick Strong, and Will Ospreay for starters.

Mustafa Ali versus Mike Bailey would be an immediate addition to the list. This match doesn’t need any type of story or angle. Just announce these two as a headliner for a card during WrestleMania Week or during another big indie show and watch Wrestling Twitter explode.