Three big matches for Mustafa Ali outside the WWE

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Buddy Matthews

Mustafa Ali and Buddy Matthews have put together some of the best matches in recent history. Many immediately think of their No Disqualification match on the July 3 edition of 205 Live in 2018, but they had multiple other matches that year that could stand out as fantastic examples of the professionals these two men are. Bringing them back together for another series of matches in 2023 would create a massive buzz for All Elite Wrestling.

Matthews versus Ali is the exact type of matchup that caters to AEW fans. This promotion does an excellent job highlighting excellent workers, and these two are some of the best today. Imagine a world where they are given 20 minutes of an episode of Dynamite or Collision. Even if the company found a way to set things up as a surprise opponent for a PPV, all those potential ways to get to Ali versus Matthews would deliver.

Could AEW find a way to build an entire storyline around the matter? Certainly, but the story almost isn’t needed or could play off their history in WWE. If signing Ali after his non-compete clause ends is not in the cards, finding a way to feature him against Buddy Matthews would be a huge draw for wrestling fans.

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