Three big matches to kick off Jade Cargill’s WWE run

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Charlotte Flair

During her tenure in AEW as the TBS Champion, Cargill gave X (FKA Twitter) users the opportunity to ask her ten questions while on a flight. @AnneMette6 asked Jade: “If you could defend your title against any female wrestlers outside of AEW you have never faced before, who would it be? And why?” Jade’s response was an honest one:

Jade Cargill on X: “@MsCharlotteWWE – because she can GO 💪🏾” / X (

The decorated Queen Flair then responded with a compliment:

Charlotte Flair on X: “@Jade_Cargill Keep killing it, queen. #undefeated” / X (

Of course, this exchange took place in December of last year as both women were at the top of their game in different promotions. There was no inclination that Jade would make the leap at that time due to her star rising in AEW, but it was a thought that sent the wrestling world into a frenzy! Now that Cargill is officially a part of the WWE brand, it only makes sense that the match she manifested gets to happen!

Cargill vs. Flair has the potential to main event a Wrestlemania. Two statuesque women at their best standing apart from each other in a ring is breathtaking to even imagine. Can you even fathom their entrances? The way that they would saunter in front of us to make us bask in the glory of their excellence! These women would brawl with clubbing blows, level each other with big boots, and rip each other’s limbs with technical prowess. The story writes itself as Jade seeks to prove that she is next up by beating one of the most accomplished generational talents in wrestling history. Charlotte would find motivation in beating Jade by proving her superiority over anyone who seeks to dethrone her. This feud would be star-making for Cargill.