Three big matches to kick off Jade Cargill’s WWE run

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Bianca Belair WWE UFC TKO Group Holdings
Bianca Belair WWE UFC TKO Group Holdings /

Bianca Belair

In her NXT Takeover: Portland match against Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair made her entrance in a Macho Man-esque robe that stated five powerful words: Black History in the Making. If she were to face Jade Cargill one-on-one, they would be following that moniker in a big way.

The EST of WWE has climbed up the ranks since her main roster debut, defeating three out of the Four Horsewomen, holding an impressive 3-0 record, and being one of the first Black women to main event a Wrestlemania with Mercedes Mone’ (FKA Sasha Banks). Jade has also made her own history as the longest-reigning AEW champion, but she is looking to create more moments as she grows in her wrestling career.

Both women have so much in common with their charisma, work ethic, and desire for excellence in everything they do. They also do not mind utilizing their power to take down their opponents. With their supernova star power, this match also has the potential to main-event Wrestlemania, making history a second time. Watching these women fight at the “Showcase of the Immortals” would be a sight to behold and a point of pride for The Culture.

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