WWE does not need a CM Punk return at this time


CM Punk is once again a free agent and as rumors bubble of a potential return to WWE, he isn’t as needed as once was for this promotion. 

Releasing CM Punk was a big move that few saw coming from All Elite Wrestling. The company lured him back to professional wrestling after seven years, and in less than two years that run was completely over. Now, there are surging rumors that he will land in WWE, with multiple outlets both putting together reports and speculation on the situation. WWE is in an interesting position as the promotion has continued to build momentum, even as fans continue to stay skeptical of leadership. Bringing in CM Punk would be a move that would create buzz but is more of a hindrance than anything more than that at this time.

Yes, there are easy parts of the equation when picking up this discussion. Would CM Punk be a big draw and millions of people watch his return? Yes. Would he have quite a bit to say about his time in All Elite Wrestling and his prior run in WWE? Yes. Would there be a bump in headlines, ratings, and perhaps signups for the Peacock network? Yes.  CM Punk is great for the bottom line. His presence drives eyeballs and it also drives wallets. WWE is already a money-making machine, driving revenue in record figures each year. If the bottom line is the main point of interest in making decisions such as these, then bringing him back into the company, even if for a brief run, would have positive implications.

But is that reason enough to bring him back into the organization? As things continued to unfold with Punk in AEW, it started to seem that the wrestling community was over him and the drama. While what appears on the Internet is just a small portion of the wrestling fanbase, the disdain of many fans grew, not specifically hating Punk, but wishing that the industry could get back to professional wrestling. Many wanted more moments like his feud with MJF, rather than reading report after report of backstage antics. Returning to WWE would boost more of the latter than the former.

With names on the roster like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and plenty of others – the WWE roster doesn’t need CM Punk. The company has found a way to gain momentum with its current slate of performers. Even with Reigns taking such an abridged schedule, momentum has not waned. WWE should look to focus on this group, while continuing the build around others like Carmelo Hayes, Ilja Dragunov, GUNTHER, Chad Gable, and the blooming women’s division. This roster doesn’t need to build itself on Punk’s legacy, there’s already enough talent on the roster to push itself to new heights.

AEW was able to leverage Punk’s name into bigger shows and television opportunities, but the company was never able to build any names for the future off him. WWE doesn’t need Punk to create business opportunities, as they already have several to benefit from. He’ll drive an immediate boost, but long term, a CM Punk return to WWE doesn’t have as much weight as it would in AEW.

CM Punk is a lighting-rod of a name in today’s professional wrestling. Fans will either love him or detest everything he does. That itself draws attention. As rumors grow about a potential return to WWE, this company in its current state does not need him in any fashion and should avoid bringing him back at this time.

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