Three fresh opponents for TBS Champion Kris Statlander

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Toni Storm

Fans have long hailed Toni Storm for her tremendous wrestling skill, but her recent repackaging as a Bettie Davis-esque actress has brought her newfound praise. To be clear, Storm has always possessed palpable charisma and effortless confidence, but this stark transformation has shown how much range she has as a performer.

Combine that with her always-reliable workrate, and you get one of AEW’s most complete talents. As such, despite unsuccessfully challenging for the women’s world title recently, it’s only a matter of time before she gets another title shot. Whenever that happens, challenging Statlander seems like the way to go.

Now, pitting Storm against Statlander comes with some possible issues, namely that fans will clamor for a “Timeless” title win. So, AEW should hold off on this one until it is sure that Statlander’s reign has run its course.

With Storm apparently back on the babyface side after running Ruby Soho off during then-Women’s World Champion Saraya’s title defense against Hikaru Shida, AEW could also wait until another heel wins the title before she gets her chance. Or, she can just keep making silent films like a modern-day Charlie Chaplin.

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But, hopefully, she gets a shot against Statlander because they’re both great and could have a great match.