AEW Rampage: Daddy Magic hates dancing Daniel Garcia


A couple of months ago, the Jericho Appreciation Society dissolved. Every member except for Sammy Guevara left Jericho behind. Guevara would turn on Jericho a couple of weeks later at the AEW Grand Slam and join the Don Callis Family.

Since disbanding, “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard, “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker, Daniel Garcia, Jake Hager, and Anna Jay have stayed together. Menard, Parker, and Garcia have been teaming in one form or another, but they’ve been on a losing streak.

On Rampage, the trio faced The Hardys and Brother Zay. After Garcia took down Matt Hardy, he did his infamous dance moves and Menard didn’t approve.

Despite the issues with dancing, all of the time the trio spent together in J.A.S. paid off. They gelled well to step up against their opponents. Garcia hit Zay with a lariat and celebrated with a dance before pinning him for the win. Parker got in the ring to celebrate, but Menard barked at Garcia for dancing. There was some shoving before leaving the ring.

Following the match, the four found themselves yelling over Renee Paquette. Menard was happy with the win but told Garcia he couldn’t stand his dancing. Garcia replied, “the dancing is the only thing getting us wins.” Parker told them that they needed to focus on their much-needed win and squash their problem. Hager agreed and Menard took exception and said everyone else needed to squash it.

Menard said on Twitter that it was squashed. There’s been lingering tension between Garcia and Menard, so it doesn’t seem like the truce will be long-lasting. Ideally, Garcia would break away and be truly on his own. He was on an upward trend but seems to have stalled. It seemed like Garcia was on the verge of truly breaking out, but has been in a holding pattern. Allowing Garcia to flourish on his own and away from Jericho would be the best thing for him.

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