It is Past Time for LA Knight to Win a Championship in WWE


LA Knight is on fire and it is time for the WWE to put a singles championship around his waist.

As WWE consistently reminds fans, LA Knight is the hottest thing in WWE. That is why it is time for LA Knight to win a championship. Of course, his world title win must come, but most fans shouldn’t get too excited about that anytime soon. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will be holding the gold into 2024. Likewise, the promotion will probably wait for a suitable venue for that coronation. In the meantime, though, WWE must give the Intercontinental or United States Championship to Knight.

The United States title is directionless after being randomly moved to an aging icon. The Intercontinental title has been booked much better so that Knight could earn a significant accolade by holding the title before his world title run. Perhaps most importantly, without a title to hold onto, LA Knight will continue to find himself doing infrequent tag matches or guest spots, not in marquee bouts that people will consistently remember.

WWE Ignores It is Time for LA Knight to Win A Championship

If WWE decides to ignore that it is time for LA Knight to win a championship, they run a significant risk. On the one hand, he hasn’t had much of a title opportunity and is still massively over. The other side is that fans always want what’s next. If that stops looking like Knight, they may stop caring. With shows every week all year, the cycle can move on quickly, even for talented workers.

Of course, not every story worth telling in wrestling revolves around a title match. The Bloodline has produced some incredible television without challenging for the world title, and that is just one more recent example. Looking at the journey of LA Knight after he feuded with the late great Bray Wyatt, it’s been a bit boring. Even his seminal moments with guys like John Cena have been tag team matches or in-ring segments. To this point, his only true rival has been Wyatt and The Miz. If WWE doesn’t have a good feud for him, it’s further evidence that he needs a title. Luckily, there are two to choose from.

The Irresistible Force and Immovable IC Champion

While the WWE Universe continues to talk about the record-breaking run of Roman Reigns, Gunther has quietly shattered records as the Intercontinental Champion. Many tried to take the title away from him, but none had what it took. With Imperium at his side, Gunther has built himself as one of the most formidable heels on the roster and a main eventer fighting the likes of Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes.

If LA Knight were to end the streak of Gunther and successfully hold onto the title in defense, that would be huge. As WWE’s resident megastar, Knight needs a mega moment. That title win, especially at Survivor Series or another significant event with a lot of eyes, would be that moment. Likewise, he wouldn’t need to share that moment. He would have a solo feud to get him over. That moment would solidify him as a megastar, wrap up a running story, and send both stars onto bigger things heading into WrestleMania season. Perhaps most importantly, LA Knight and Gunther each get a true rival, something Knight needs explicitly.

A New Generation of Stars and Stripes

NXT using mainstays and legends recently has been a blessing and a curse. Despite this reliance on nostalgia in their ongoing AEW feud, the promotion has been very future-focused. One bit of booking that contradicts that is Rey Mysterio beating Austin Theory for the United States Championship. With Carlito’s inclusion in LWO, a youth vs experience angle may be coming for Santos Escobar and his team. However, if that’s not the case, then WWE needs to get to title onto a star of this new generation.

LA Knight has no reason to beef with Rey Mysterio and the LWO. He is, though, a better candidate for that title. Luckily, WWE likes multi-man matches for their US title. Knight must be a favorite to hold the title for a time if they continue to go that route. Obviously, the story won’t be as good. However, if Knight is going to be a little rudderless while the promotion sorts out its main event scene, at least he will have a title on his admittedly thin WWE resume

The Future is Bright for LA Knight

The WWE Universe makes it clear each week. It is past time for LA Knight to win a championship. Either of the midcard titles would be a step up from Knight, who has yet to have an opportunity like this on Raw or Smackdown. His most recent outing on Smackdown could mean his ascension to the main event is already underway. If that is the case, fans won’t have to wait much longer for LA Knight to grab hold of a top title. Whether he is getting his spotlight now or still waiting in line, it is absolutely the moment to give him some gold.

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