5 WWE NXT names that are beyond ready for the main roster

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Wendy Choo

Wendy Choo has certainly shown versatility while being in WWE NXT. She’s 31 years old but already boasts nearly a decade of experience. That shines through when you look at how many different characters she’s played. Whether it was Mei Ying, Karen Q, or her recent iteration, Wendy Choo is a talented performer.

Choo is one of those individuals who may not strike viewers as a top champion, but she has the makings to be a foundational piece to a roster. Some would describe her as a Natalya-like performer, someone who can be inserted into various positions to pull things together. But one area that Choo excels in is her character work, and getting over the current role she is in shows that. If she returns from injury in time for the Royal Rumble, that would be the perfect moment to bring her up fulltime.

Fans will always argue about the use of comedy in professional wrestling, but Wendy Choo is one who gets the job done well. And a person in that position is typically rare in women’s wrestling, which is one reason why Chelsea Green stands out so much. Giving Choo the opportunity to fill the same role would have positive results for the main roster women’s division.