5 WWE NXT names that are beyond ready for the main roster

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Roxanne Perez

NXT’s purpose is to find the performers that can lead WWE’s next generation. Roxanne Perez is, without a doubt, one of those individuals.

Perez is only 21 years old and looks at what she achieved before setting foot in WWE. Being the first woman to hold the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship is a huge feather in her cap, and she did so at the age of 19. She was immediately inserted into the main event picture, frequently being booked like Shawn Michaels’s career arc. Fans already love Perez and it will be interesting to watch her career bloom in the years to come.

Perez could immediately be a player on either SmackDown or Raw. There’s excitement around both rosters, as the October 9 episode set the stage for what should be more time for the women’s division. Inserting Perez into that conversation as the momentum grows would be a good decision. This comes as Perez is entering into a character shift of sorts in NXT, which could also prolong her run on that brand. Either way, she is a star for the future and WWE is going to push her to the moon.

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