Drew McIntyre will be a fresh heel character for WWE Raw


Drew McIntyre is slowly heading down the path of a character change and the presentation is coming off perfectly. 

Everyone loves cheering on the good guy in hopes that he defeats the villain of the story. At least, in every form of entertainment that’s not professional wrestling. In wrestling, it is usually the heel that gets the cheers, not because they are “right,” but because they come off as the cooler of the two personalities. WWE has consistently struggled with booking great heel characters, with a few exceptions along the way. Drew McIntyre could be a fresh and fantastic heel on Monday Night Raw if the company seizes this moment.

McIntyre confronted Seth Rollins during the October 16 edition of WWE Raw and the two men had a lot to say. They played off the similarities of their career arcs, with both men having to find ways to reinvent themselves after coming up short. But it was McIntyre’s confession about the frustration of being the man who stepped up with WWE needed him during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During that trying time he led the way as WWE Champion, while many of the other members of the roster were not present. After dropping the championship, he found a way to get back into the title picture against Roman Reigns, just to be foiled by the might of The Bloodline. McIntyre is right to have a gripe, and it’s time to see him put his goals first.

McIntyre as a heel should immediately blow away the tired tropes that WWE puts in place. He doesn’t need to come out there with an “all you people” promo, hide behind countouts and disqualifications, or build a stable around him. McIntyre as a big, angry heel that is all about pummeling people out of frustration is the perfect character shift he needs.

WWE needs to find new ways to get fans to care about characters. The promotion usually follows the same character build when developing a babyface or heel performer. The babyfaces aren’t the smartest and run into situations where they are outnumbered and never seem to have any friends. The heels always have an issue with the fans, can’t win matches cleanly, and never make real sense with their character arc.

Drew McIntyre’s character arc is taking him in a different direction where he will be at odds with all the top faces on the show, without truly being in the wrong about his feelings. That level of character development in WWE is rare and a reason to be excited for what’s to come.

Drew McIntyre stood as champion as the entire world was pushed to a halt. If he gets an opportunity to hold a title once again, now is the time for him to take a great turn in his character.

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