Can Sammy Guevara develop into a main event draw for AEW?


Sammy Guevara is a talented performer who has put on some excellent matches, but he continues to fall short of being a main event draw at the top of the card. 

All Elite Wrestling has long invested in Sammy Guevara. The 30-year-old competitor has been linked to top names in the company and remained in a central position on the roster since joining the company. But fans are starting to wonder if Guevara will mature into the main event talent that he was perceived to be a few short years ago.

Guevara is a three-time AEW TNT Champion with some big wins on his ledger. His resume includes victories over Andrade, Cody Rhodes, Miro, Darby Allin, and others. Even with those victories, championships, and being a part of top factions on the show, Guevara doesn’t feel like a big deal. Instead, he feels like someone who is suffering from overexposure thanks to the company pushing him at such a high rate. In many ways, his current run in AEW can be compared to Austin Theory’s time in WWE.

Theory is another young performer who has seemingly been given the keys to the kingdom. It’s understandable why when you look at Theory. He has the looks that scream sports entertainment. He’s competent in the ring, and with further development can put on enjoyable matches. The sexual misconduct accusations that came out against him severely limited his opportunity to become a bigger attraction to fans, but the WWE continues to make sure he gets time on television.

Guevara can break out of this position but it’s going to take considerable time and work to make it happen. Getting him off television for a while creates the opening for fans to “miss” him. Before his return, AEW could invest time in making small video vignettes to help introduce a new side of his character. The douchebag heel troupes that he leans into are more than tiring but make him an act that some fans want to avoid outright. Breaking Guevara out of that mold would go a long way to building him into a bigger draw down the line.

Sammy Guevara is a talented performer. He’s shown that he can put on matches that catch the attention of fans, even if they aren’t drawn to his character work. Getting him out of his current rut would go a long way in building him into a bigger star.

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