WWE Raw Predictions: Brock Lesnar Will Replace Drew McIntyre

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Drew McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn [Main Event]

Drew McIntyre will defeat Sami Zayn in the main event of Raw to continue his momentum for his upcoming world title match against Seth Rollins. It would be completely asinine to book a loss for the number one contender to the world title. When it comes to Sami Zayn, a loss is not a great start to his singles push on Raw after breaking away from his tag partner, Kevin Owens, who got traded to SmackDown. However, losing to a top heel in McIntyre is nothing to be ashamed of, and Zayn is a versatile superstar who can bounce back from any loss and find his place on Raw.

Whether McIntyre gets help from Judgment Day in this match is the real mystery. Since Judgment Day has beef with Sami Zayn and have been in some sort of conspiracy with McIntyre due to some backstage talks, it is possible McIntyre picks up a nefarious victory with help from Judgment Day over Zayn to not only protect Zayn in defeat but enhance the heel heat for McIntyre in this slow-burn heel turn. As the world champion, Seth Rollins will have to take note of this when he battles McIntyre in their upcoming world title match, as Mr. MITB Damian Priest is always lurking.

Now, will McIntyre actually make it to his world title match with Seth Rollins? That’s another mystery, because Brock Lesnar never misses Saudi events and he did confront Rollins a few months back during his feud with Cody. Even Dave Meltzer said that Seth Rollins (c) vs. Brock Lesnar was a plan for the world title in the fall. What if Lesnar actually replaces Drew McIntyre to save McIntyre from taking a loss in his nascent heel run and assure Seth Rollins walks into Survivor Series as the world champion in a dream match against Roman Reigns? Sounds likely.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre (w/help from Judgment Day)

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