Logan Paul should take the US Title from Rey Mysterio


Logan Paul is currently in a feud with Rey Mysterio for the United States championship. Should Paul be the one to dethrone Mysterio and win his first championship with the company?

Logan Paul has his eyes set on winning his first championship gold. Paul has made strides to becoming a fan favorite, and the feuds he has been in thus far, have made some compelling storylines. He’s been very impressive from the get-go joining WWE.

Triple H should pull the trigger and make Paul the new United States Champion, and have his title reign be a long one. Paul will be able to put the title out into the spotlight. He is a social media superstar who can advertise the title wherever he goes.

The WWE is always into doing crossovers with companies if it makes sense business-wise. With Paul in boxing, and also just with his presence on social media, he can introduce new audiences, kids and adults to WWE programming. They already may be watching, but just imagine how much more eyes there would be on the WWE if Paul wins the title against Rey Mysterio.

Paul has been able to deliver in big feuds, and we’ve seen him do that; especially against Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2022. When people thought the match would be a squash and end in minutes, it has been called one of Reigns’s better matches during his title reign.

Earlier this year, he feuded with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Freakin’ Rollins, and had some great moments in that feud there as well. Paul has been able to deliver time and time again in big moments and has been able to deliver and outperform expectations as well.

For Mysterio, with retirement looming, it would also make sense to put Paul over the top in this feud and make him look like the biggest superstar and one of the best heels on the roster. It would also help elevate Paul and evolve his character even more by defeating Mysterio and creating a huge moment for him.

If Paul does in fact win the United States Championship away from Mysterio, more than likely at Crown Jewel on Nov. 4th, who should some of his next feuds be?

A feud between AJ Styles and Paul would be another feud that has great potential to be very good. Styles deserves another title shot in the company before he retires, and going up against Paul would certainly help Styles at this stage of his career that he is in currently.

Lastly, another feud that Paul should start if he indeed does win the title, he should go up against Kevin Owens, who was recently traded to SmackDown for Jey Uso. Owens does have something to prove on the blue brand now, and what better way to make a name for yourself than by defeating one of the champions of that brand?

Paul has proven that he is not a fluke and is capable of delivering big-time moments on some of the grandest stages of them all. He deserves to have his moment and time to shine by winning his first title against a legend in Mysterio.

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