Roxanne Perez is WWE main roster ready

Roxanne Perez, WWE/NXT
Roxanne Perez, WWE/NXT /

There are many ways that Roxanne Perez continues to show that she’s ready to shine on the WWE main roster.

How many times as a child did you say these words: “When I grow up, I want to be…” It could have been a doctor. A lawyer. A supermodel. An astronaut. The President of the United States. So many of us used our childlike imaginations to dream big, only to become something different. But that was not the case for little Roxanne Perez. Her girlhood dream was to become a wrestling star, and she did not let that fire die.

While most thirteen-year-olds are obsessing over being cool, Roxanne was starting her in-ring training.  The drive she possessed from then on has led her to great success as a Reality of Wrestling Diamonds Division Champion, the inaugural Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion, an NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, and an NXT Women’s Champion. As she has flourished on the Black and Gold brand, Roxanne has also been given opportunities to dabble on Raw and SmackDown and fight main-roster-caliber talent. Her potential as a star in WWE is limitless. Let us dive deeper into why Roxanne Perez is main roster-ready.

Roxanne Perez boasts a strong resume

Though Roxanne is only 21 years old, the amount of experience that she has had in-ring is impressive. As she has grown, Perez has trained throughout her home state of Texas. She then hit the lottery as she began training with two-time WWE Hall of Famer and current NXT color commentator Booker T at his Reality of Wrestling promotion. After striking gold there, she went on to Ring of Honor (ROH) to make herstory and face a Who’s Who of Women’s Wrestling. From Sumie Sakai to Angelina Love and from Hyan to Willow Nightingale, Perez brought her A-game to become the first-ever Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion and to date, the youngest women’s champion in the company’s history.

She even went on to face the decorated Deonna Purrazzo in a modern classic on a January night on IMPACT! Wrestling. As she has grown in her stardom, Roxanne continues to sharpen her skills and broaden her experience in NXT. She will only get better from here.

The ability to adapt to any opponent

One of the impressive attributes that Roxanne possesses is the ability to adapt to various opponents and their arsenals. Any other opponent would have buckled under the pressure of facing a legend with the storied career of Meiko Satomura. But Roxanne conditioned herself and upped her game in order to face the Japanese star for the NXT Women’s Championship. Blow for blow, these women tested each other’s endurance and technical prowess in a stunning main event on free television.

A recent example of Perez’s ability to rise to the occasion of a major player is her match with Asuka on the star-studded episode of NXT that featured John Cena, The Undertaker, and Cody Rhodes. Though the match was shorter than fans desired, Roxanne proved that she could hang with the icon who returned to continue her undefeated NXT streak. Perez brought out a level of Asuka’s game that can get lost in the shuffle a bit on Friday nights. With Perez’s performances against Satomura and “The Empress of Tomorrow”, The Prodigy proved that if she were called up today and placed in a match against Natalya or Charlotte Flair, she could do it with ease.

Roxanne Perez shines in the spotlight

When it comes to performing, one can either let their nerves affect their abilities or utilize them to execute their goals. When watching Roxanne’s matches, depending on the opponent, one might notice that she takes a deep breath and clasps her hands together. It is easy to tell that Perez takes in the moment before the bell rings. She grasps the importance of the opportunities that she earns due to being a fan of the game first.

Roxanne grew up admiring the likes of AJ Mendez, Natalya, and others, so she knows that she is breathing magical air. As she has grown in the spotlight of WWE, she has shined as the Number Eight entry in this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble, fought on Main Event against Tenille Dashwood (formally known as Emma), and fought against NXT’s finest on Wrestlemania weekend at Stand and Deliver for the NXT Women’s title.

Roxanne has shown and proved that whenever the lights are the brightest, her passion thrives. Her abilities certainly do not take a backseat to her nerves. With her willingness to learn from the pioneers, her natural babyface persona, and her talent, Roxanne Perez has given more than enough proof that she is a future main roster star.

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