Bryan Danielson is the perfect foe to elevate Malakai Black in AEW


Bryan Danielson and Malakai Black are set for a big feud in AEW and this is the perfect way to move Black up the roster. 

The biggest talking point coming out of AEW Collision was Bryan Danielson finding himself in the sights of Malakai Black. That moment they shared in the ring, and Black’s attack on Danielson immediately injected excitement throughout professional wrestling fans on what is to come. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce Black into the main event scene for All Elite Wrestling.

Malakai Black is one of those former WWE superstars that fans have long wanted to see as a true singles star in AEW. There were moments when it looked like that push was on the horizon, but multiple issues popped up and stopped that movement. Now, that energy is back as Danielson versus Black opens the door to exciting possibilities.

Danielson is on one of the best runs of his storied career. According to Cagematch, he has put together a 15-4 record this year. Wins and losses usually do not mean much, but the individuals who get the rub of picking up a victory over Danielson are on their way to something special. Only two men have defeated Danielson in singles matches this year; Christian Cage, who is involved in one of the biggest storylines in the company, and MJF, the current AEW World Champion. It’s clear that Danielson is one of the most important men on the AEW roster and a win over him means something. That is what makes this angle so important for Black.

A win over Danielson would wipe out nearly all the complaints fans of Black have had since his run in AEW. He would be immediately vaulted into the main event scene. A victory over Danielson shouldn’t slot someone in as a challenger to the mid-card championships. With respect to what is happening with Cage and Orange Cassidy as the AEW International Champion, it is time to put Black near the top of the roster which fans have wanted to see.

Now, Danielson could very well win this feud. Ricky Starks is another name that needed a big victory on his resume, and he took two losses to the former WWE Champion. Yes, those matches were great in all things presented, but Starks not getting the “rub” from a win over Danielson opens the door for more concern that the company doesn’t have solid long-term plans for him. Would Danielson beating Black be the end of any momentum for the latter? No, but it should not be the end of a complete feud, especially with the House of Black and Blackpool Combat Club available to play a part.

Fans are excited to see what happens between Bryan Danielson and Malakai Black – as they should be. These two men are two of the biggest names on the roster, with built-in followings. If nothing more, fans are going to get an excellent match that will leave them pleased.

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