Five of the biggest matches in Rey Mysterio’s amazing career


Rey Mysterio is one of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time and throughout his career, he’s been a part of some epic matches. 

Rey Mysterio has entertained professional wrestling fans for thirty-four years. During that time, he became one of the most beloved figures in the industry and the face of lucha libre in the United States. Every organization wants to have its own version of Mysterio, but he is a unique figure in space. Truly one-of-one. Even at 48 years old, he’s continuing to perform at a high rate. If WWE needs someone to put on a great match, he’s someone who can be counted on to do so. It doesn’t matter if the match is against someone like GUNTHER, Santos Escobar, Seth Rollins, or Roman Reigns – Mysterio knows how to deliver against everyone. And that’s one of the reasons he’s so special.

Mysterio recently celebrated 20 years with WWE, and that’s an amazing accolade. He’s put together a catalog of matches that will stand the test of time. But if you want to find the best matches of his career, then you must look beyond his days in WCW as well. Mysterio had some instant classics, even before he was old enough to drink. This piece looks at the top five matches of Rey Mysterio’s storied career.

Chris Jericho versus Rey Mysterio – June 28, 2009

Chris Jericho versus Rey Mysterio at The Bash in 2009 is perhaps Mysterio’s best match in WWE. It was a fantastic match that called back to their time and storied rivalry in WCW but increased the stakes with the stage presented in WWE.

This was a cruiserweight-style match in WWE that was rarely seen at the time. Jericho reminded the world that he could keep the pace that he did back when he was WCW Cruiserweight Champion, while Mysterio was there to match them along the way. This match also had the sports-entertainment aspect of WWE, with Jericho trying to remove Mysterio’s mask only for that to set up the finish and Mysterio regaining the Intercontinental Championship.

Psychosis versus Rey Mysterio – October 7, 1995

Psychosis versus Rey Mysterio wasn’t a new match in 1995, but it was the match that helped set the tone for cruiserweight wrestling in the United States. This match occurred in ECW when the promotion was still trying to find a way to change its presentation when compared to WCW and WWE. This was a match that Mexican fans and hardcore wrestling fans had seen thanks to the tape trading days, but the widespread wrestling community in the United States was about to have their minds blown.

Mysterio and Psychosis elevated the game of lucha libre to a new level. It did so because it was the match that caught the attention of major organizations, especially WCW, who then began to bring in the Mexican stars that would flesh out the cruiserweight division. Psychosis is an individual who doesn’t get much credit for his place in professional wrestling, but he was a big part of this match and helped set the stage for what would be Mysterio’s launching point as a wrestling star.

Eddie Guerrero versus Rey Mysterio – October 26, 1997

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio will be intertwined throughout their histories. This match in 1997 wasn’t their biggest, nor did it have the most stakes at this point in their career, but it was the match that let the wrestling world know that not only was Mysterio a star of the future, but Guerrero was right there with him and was from that point forward.

At Halloween Havoc they put on a show in what was an amazing match from start to finish. Go back to watch this match and you’ll see a showcase that would fit in today’s wrestling. They are doing moves that would hold up in today’s wrestling space. They would still elicit the types of reactions that fans saw almost thirty years ago. Think about that. Thirty years ago, Mysterio and Guerrero put on a match that fans would love then, and still love today as one of the best in their catalog of excellent matches.

John Morrison versus Rey Mysterio – September 1, 2009

Rey Mysterio quietly had two fantastic runs as WWE Intercontinental Champion. He held the belt two times during 2009, totaling 128 days with that belt. Along the way, he’d defend the title against the likes of Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler. But the best match during this run came on an episode of Fight Night SmackDown against John Morrison.

Morrison was an excellent foe for Mysterio, as he brought a different type of high-flying wrestling into the game, much akin to how Mysterio changed the game more than a decade prior. This is an excellent match to go back to watch because it showcases Mysterio’s ability to adapt to nearly any style in the ring. It’s one of his greatest strengths and a reason why he’s experienced so much longevity. Morrison would pick up the victory, giving him the IC strap for the third and final time.

Prince Puma versus Rey Mysterio – January 31, 2016

For many, Prince Puma was the first introduction that they would have to the talent that is Ricochet. One of today’s best high fliers in wrestling saw inspiration in Rey Mysterio’s iconic run. That is what made their 2016 match in Lucha Underground so important. For nearly 20 minutes Puma and Mysterio matched move-for-move in an amalgamation of what high-flying wrestling was and what it is today.

It’s a great match, especially a dream match of the time because it wasn’t clear that neither man would be in WWE in the years that followed. Lucha Underground also elevated the importance of this match, highlighting what it meant for the style of wrestling and those that grew up watching Mysterio for nearly two decades at that point.

Rey Mysterio’s time is winding down and many of today’s fans may not recognize the greatness that he was a part of decades ago. These are just five matches in what has been an amazing career from start to finish.

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