MJF should go with a ‘Strong’ option for his partner at AEW Full Gear


MJF is going to need a partner but his options are quite thin. There are two individuals who stand out as options to help the champion. 

MJF is carrying the workload for AEW as the promotion’s champion and it shows. In what was meant to be a big part of his angle with Adam Cole, he’s now holding the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship as well. He’s taking to defending it alone, waiting for Cole’s return. Now at AEW Full Gear, he’s slotted into a tag match against The Gunn Club, and he’s stuck trying to find a partner. There are some interesting options and the one to pick should help further the main story.

Recent episodes of AEW television spotlighted MJF’s search for a partner. He’s shown hints of individuals like Kenny Omega, Darby Allin, and even paired with The Acclaimed when he needed backing for another situation. The AEW World Champion isn’t a man of many friends, but he’s found a few people who could help in a time of need.

First, there’s Samoa Joe. Who wouldn’t want Joe watching their back? He’s a future Hall of Famer and is enjoying one of the best runs of his career. But the answer is quite simple. MJF might hesitate to have Joe as a partner because Joe wants something that MJF has, that title. Joe made it clear that he’s available and ready to answer MJF’s call, but that comes at the cost of giving him another shot at the championship. MJF was able to pick up the victory in their first match, but it makes perfect sense that he’d want to avoid giving him another shot to take that belt. He’s a dangerous man and a great champion in his own right, Samoa Joe doesn’t miss too often.

But then there’s the real answer to the question of who should be MJF’s partner at AEW Full Gear. None other than Roderick Strong. Roddy Strong’s performance during this angle with Cole and MJF was amazing. There haven’t been many opportunities for Strong to show a big personality on screen, and he’s knocking this performance out of the park. The “Neck Strong” movement is growing and he’s been the catalyst of some of the funniest moments on AEW television recently.

Including Strong as MJF’s partner helps further the story for Cole and MJF as well. It’s clear that the two men don’t like each other, fighting over Cole’s love as his “best friend.” Strong has tried to help MJF in the past but recently failed and failed badly. But imagine if Strong is the man that saves MJF and they go on to successfully defend the titles. That could open the door to the two men building a budding relationship of their own without Cole being a part of the equation. There’s also another way the situation could go. What if Strong tries to help MJF and costs him the championship? That again opens the door to further the story with Cole and perhaps pushes Cole further toward the chance to turn on his tag team partner.

All Elite Wrestling does a good job with surprises for fans. Many eyes are on MJF to see who he picks to be his tag team partner and the scales should tip toward Roderick Strong for the story possibilities to come.

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